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I can has Ideomancer?

Oh, look, the June issue of the 'zine I read slush for is up.

It contains stories and/or poems by Astrid Atkinson, Yoon Ha Lee, Ruth Nestvold, Mikal Trimm, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, and David Kopaska-Merkel.

I am informed, by the way, that we've run off all the men, and I should ask for more of you folks with the damaged chromosome set to submit to us, because unlike other genre publications that shall remain unnamed, we actually would like to maintain some semblance of gender parity on the masthead.* We'd also like to publish more writers of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and social backgrounds, but since it's hard to tell that from a name and we never read your cover letters anyway, we'll just have to rely on y'all to slushbomb us to make sure we get those stories.

(Is it working?)
(I dunno yet. Keep nodding.)

*Dear men: we'll probably reject you anyway, because women generally write better, but think of it as character building. And if we do buy your story, we'll pay you 72 cents for every dollar a woman gets.**

**Yes, I'm kidding.***

***It's 32 cents.****

****msisolak just smacked me and said I'm not allowed to tell tall tales. It's 16.
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