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alive and well and living in....

I'm in North Carolina, and they're not even making me sleep with the Very Bad Dog. It was actually a pleasant and adventure free drive, which I managed to make without contributing to the road repair funds of: Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, or North Carolina.

(jmeadows, I did wind up going past your house after all, but I forgot to bring your cell number and it was 5 pm by the time I got there anyway. However, comma. When I drive back, should I call? It will be more like a lunch time thing. Although I dunno if it will be a week from Sunday or a week from Monday.)

The Brave Little Red Truck That (Mostly) Could seems to have enjoyed the excursion. She ain't pretty, but she goes.

I figured out what the next thing that happens in AtWS is, along the way. This is where the book diverges heavily from the earlier version, I think.

I still need to figure out how to get A Certain Thing to happen. And make sense. Because it was Plot Manipulation Theatre with a side of "When I am an evil overlord--" in the first (second third fifth tenth) draft, and not so great

Although I might just have.


Oh and but also.

NEW AMSTERDAM is officially sold out from the publishr, but Amazon still has copies, for as long as they last.

And W&W got an absolutely fabulous review in LOCUS. *Dances* (I wonder how I can convince Faren Miller that B&I takes place in 1997, and that's why 9/11 isn't mentioned in the book? Ah well. Problems of a strict chronology. I needed a specific moon phase on Halloween, and that was when I could get it.)


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