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Man, I feel bad for the hikers.

It's really coming down out there. I hope the people who were driving down to town didn't get caught on the winding mountain road in the rain.

There's another group here too, some jewelers from Florida, and most of them seem to have left the mountain too, I think to go visit an artist's colony the next town over.

Oh, the hikers just came back. Pretty rattled--Christopher said that they met up with a raccoon that was behaving strangely, and it attacked them. snurri actually got scratched, but Christopher had a sturdy walking stick with him and managed to beat the thing off. We just tried to talk snurri into going down to Asheville to get it looked at--in case the raccoon was rabid--but he said it barely broke the surface and anyway the only car our group has left on the mountain is my truck, which can only fit two. And we were all up late last night having too much fun (Alan had to wake me up to go to bed.) So he's going to see his doctor about rabies shots when he gets back home, and for now, went to lie down and read stories for tomorrow.

I guess that's the practical solution, and I'm just being paranoid...


ETA: I went to the pay phone and tried to call the people who went on down to Asheville and let them know what happened, but nobody is answering their cells. And there's all kinds of weird stuff on my reading list. Did I miss some kind of wacky group blog event while I was up here on the asteroid?

...oh heck. None of the doors lock in these buildings.

I think we better keep a really close eye on Dave...
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