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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek player king

The internet connection seems to be spotty...

I can't get lj to load, I'm not getting comment emails, and I'm not sure this will post. I hiked down to the gravel access road (226A) and found something really weird; there's an abandoned car overturned in the middle of the road right at the beginning of the retreat's driveway, which is only wide enough for one vehicle to travel on at a time. So the one route down the mountain is blocked. The inside of the car was all torn up, and there was blood and, well, bits in the upholstery. Fresh blood, still dark red, and jellylike in consistency.

It looked like a crime scene photo.

The sun's come out, though, and the rain has stopped. I guess we could try to hike down to the Blue Ridge Parkway if we have to, but nobody wants to leave until we find out what happened to the Asheville group. Christopher's been trying to call them--there's one spot on the mountain where you can get a cell signal.

We've been smelling smoke all week--there's a small forest fire a couple of mountains over, but we had heard it was contained and the smell is stronger today.

If worst comes to worst, I don't think there's anything here that's defensible. The buildings were built in the seventies and they're contemporary design, with huge picture windows.

This morning, I thought that was really nice, actually. Right now, I kind of wish I could find a fire axe, but I picked up a stout tree limb.

At least it's afternoon, and the staff is still here. There's been a black bear spotted in the woods recently. I wonder if maybe somebody on the mountain has a gun.

There's a sparrow sitting on the porch railing right now eyeing me. I thought they were supposed to be afraid of people.....

Oh, I hear snurri. I'm going to go check on his leg. And, you know.

Just check. That's all.

Just check.


Yikes, between this post and the last, it sounds pretty creepy there right now. {{{safetyvibes}}}

(As opposed to Safety Dance...)
Holy fuckin' shit, Liz. I hope this isn't the same stuff that's going on in London right now. Hell. I gotta go blog some more myself before I lose this connection.


I lost good friends today.
Run if you start hearing banjoes.
Oh geez, not you too. Oh God.

I just smashed somebody's head in with my electric guitar. I mean, not somebody, some thing. It's not murder if you kill something that's already dead, is it?