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Oh, my god.

We're barricaded into Mary-and-my room on the third floor, and I've got one of the rocking chairs propped under the door handle. snurri tried to bite Mary, and Dale and Barzak had to hit him with a table lamp.

I don't know what's going to happen--there's still internet, but power is off in this building, and my laptop is running on battery.

So of course, I'm at a writer's retreat and people are going crazy everywhere, and what am I doing about it?

I'm blogging.

I suspect there won't be any other updates. We've filled up the bathtub with water, and we have some bags of chips and whole-wheat goldfish and a half of case of Deer Park. We're going to try to hold out here.

Maybe help will arrive before nightfall, and if not, well, there's six of us in here and we can probably put up a pretty good fight. Good luck, everybody.

I'm going to post this fast before the internet goes out also.
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