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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

shut up. you'll be stone dead in a minute.

After taking a wrong turn in the dark in Scranton and figuring it out 150 miles too late to do anything about it except say "fuckit" and head north to the Thruway, the Presumptuous Cat and I are home safe.

If a little chagrined.

And as soon as I find my contact case in my luggage and give her some water, we're going to bed.

Oh, and I have a copy of Whiskey & Water. It's a real book! Which means it may be showing up in bookstores any day now. (The official release date is July 3, but like that ever happens.)

I have mad deadlines and catchup work to do between now and Readercon, so expect general radio silence.

Love, Bear.


Good to see you back online, if briefly. I have to do the 150 mile thing this week, to a workshop. No doubt we will pass in the phosphor laden night.
Oh, I don't count a trip as as trip at all without at least one Uy. Though, true, yours was a little excessive.

Good luck with everything, and have fun at Readercon! :-)
Whew... Glad to hear you are still un-undead.. carry on..
Happy old fart's day, old fart!

And one thing about making an error of that magnituyde: I doubt I will make it the same way twice.
Right.. always room for new and better errors,
Getting lost in the middle of the night in Pennsylvania is a long-standing tradition.
It's hardly a road trip without it.