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bear by san

March 2017



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writing semicolon

he was shot down in the night.

Oh, and in other news, Scardown has gone back for a third printing.

And lookie what I just found on Amazon.

So that's a pretty good couple of days all around.


oh good. Now I know where my grandmother's traditional Chrsitmas gift will be going. (for the past ten years, i've gotten gc to borders or barnes and noble, because my father can buy them)
*g* That date may be wrong. Last I heard, it was set for next spring.
Congrats on the third printing.

Dust is this year? This soon?

*pause for preordering*

How many books you have out this year, anyway? Four? Five?

It's a good year to be a Bear fan, clearly. :)
Dude. Last I heard it was next spring. I wouldn't set too much by that date. But then again, author last to know and all that.
I trust Amazon not at all on dates. But this winter or next spring, I am getting that book.

The epigraphs and chapter headings? Extremely tantalising. :)
I am evile. As you can tell from my icon.
That much was already a given.

Love the moustache. :P
Congratulations on the third printing!

I just got Scardown out of the library today, and given how much I enjoyed Hammered I'm looking forward to reading it. At the moment it's fourth in line after I finish reading Carnival, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and a WWII history.

I also recommended Hammered to my Mom, and gave it 4 stars over at LibraryThing.

Just gave Undertow 5 stars on Amazon

Figured it couldn't hurt ----
Thank you!
She's a good girl.
I was so gob-smacked, that I saw your icon as "Every sperm is sacred."

I now have high-kicking nuns and Monty Python people in my head. They won't go away...