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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

the cold was science fiction, and the chairs were shambling

2460 words today in two sessions. Cahey's lack of vocabulary often thwarts me.

Also, somehow he appears to have wandered into a Neil Gaiman story:

Several dark-red auto-adapting chairs perked up when he entered the room, and the closest scampered toward him hopefully. Cathoair sidestepped it at first, but realized after a few moments that there were too many exits, and he had not the slightest clue which of them he was meant to be using. He glanced around, wondering if there were a servant or guard somewhere to aid him, but the only sound in the great empty chamber was his breathing and the click of the chair's disk-shaped metal feet.

After he had spent a few moments in staring, straining his ears for a sound or any sign of habitation, the chair caught up. Insistently, it nudged his thighs.  

"Oh, all
right," he said, and sat down, drawing his feet up so he could hug his knees, hunching his ears between his shoulders to wait.


Ow. After he had spent a few moments in staring ...
I'm not even going to start with the rest - it reads like a prime candidate for badfic! How do you do this?

Actually, I get paid to do it.


Nice images.
Locus said nice things about Whiskey and Water.
Way to go!!
*g* This whole scene has just gotten awfully surreal on me.

Apparently, the evil wizard's tower is quirky and full of helpful furniture.
Heh. Like Frank Herbert's beddogs and chairdogs in the Jorj X. McKie books! Marvellous! I have MISSED those chairs. I was very annoyed when i finally discovered how inconveniently dead Frank was. (Typical egocentric teenage reader!)

Poor Frank.

Of course, as soon as he's comfy, the evil wizard shows up....
Of course, as soon as he's comfy, the evil wizard shows up....

I assume he knows because his chair starts purring...
It was purring already. Treacherous thing.

Have I ever mentioned that I love your username? I always wanted to own a racehorse so I could name it Sesquipedalian....
Thankyou! And I'm delighted to hear someone else has heard of the word :} What a perfect name for a racehorse!
<throws peanuts>

The chairs are creepy, too. It's just that poor Cahey hasn't yet figured out how.
My thoughts to this were, "They're carnivorous, aren't they? No, that's too easy. People expect carnivorous chairs."
Fun! :) In one of today's movies, the chair would have some more anthropomorphic features, like a smile and/or eyes.

...But that might make the chairs a little too creepy. :)

Well, the slightly-fallen angel has just figured out why the chairs might be creepy. Poor slightly-fallen angel.
Now that sounds like fun :)


The character's name is not, in fact, pronounced "Cat Hair," is it?

Me and Gaelic-ish names get along sketchily, does it show?

Re: Oh....


Cough-heer, more or less.

That's as close as I can get, anyway, given my intractable American accent.

Re: Oh....

"Caw-thweer" would be my semi-serious attempt at pronounciation, but Cat Hair seems much more likely to appease the Presumptuous One.

Re: Random links from...