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most of us prizefighters will fall from fashion

Because all the cool kids are doing it, I've set up a Google Page, which has actual current information about me including places you might reliably find me in the next eighteen months or so, unlike my actual pretend official web page, which is sorely in need of updating that's not getting done because I cannot face the tables, or reconstructing it from the bottom up, which is the other option...

In other news, I remember how much I love the AtWS playlist. And how much I love this book and its world. All of a sudden, like somebody lighted a light. And you know what? I can tell I have passed the halfway point in the book, because I am forgetting to eat while I work on it, and I get really cranky when the phone rings.

Here we go. Downhill slide. First though, I should make sure I eat more than 1000 calories today.

I promise some kind of actual content later.

Actually, I suspect when my brain unsticks from Sycamore Hill, there may be rather a lot of content all at once.
Tags: *really* shameless self promotion, bear necessities, because it is there

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