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everywhere i go it rains on me

In additon to being all about broken things, I am all about the bitterness of loss. Speaking of broad themes in my work.

I suspect because life's policy of "No do-overs" offends me so badly, and that's why I keep writing about it.

Also, I love my writing group:

[09:21] matociquala: hey guys
[09:27] matociquala:  Somebody could rite my scene for me?
[09:27] jmeadows: "a man walked in with a gun"
[09:27] jmeadows: "the building caught on fire just then!"
[09:27] jmeadows: "rocks fell from the sky"
[09:27] hawkwing_lb: "and ninjas came through the windows"
[09:27] jmeadows: "and everyone died."
[09:27] matociquala: yay!
[09:28] matociquala: best scene ever
[09:28] matociquala: this book needs more ninjas
[09:28] matociquala: maybe I can have ninjas in Chill
[09:29] hawkwing_lb: everything goes better with ninjas!

Now I really need to write this scene so I can have breakfast and then walk down to the Farmer's Market and buy some produce. (There is no food for bears before her morning pages when she is on deadline. It is a Rule. It is a Rule that will have to change if I ever come up diabetic, but for now, I think training myself to associate hunger with productivity is a good plan for a working artist....)

And you can never go back
And the answer is no
And wishing for it only makes it bleed.
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