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hot war, who could ask for more? six minutes on a cold winter morning.

Yeah, I did something dumb. I looked at the AtWS manuscript and went, huh, I have 252 pages and three pages of notes. I wonder if I could finish this by Readercon.

So I plugged it into my handy dandy spreadsheet. And I discovered that if I write an average of eleven pages a day between now and July 5th, and the draft tops out at 400 pages, I could be done by then.

Aw, fuck. I think my borderline obsessive thing just triggered.

Anybody wants me, I'll be under my rock.

Also, it's beautiful here. Stormlight and cool air. So nice. Supposed to be a beautiful weekend--I need to make sure I get outside some.
Tags: deathrace 2007!, if it were easy it wouldn't be fun, the horrors of self-discipline, the writer at work

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