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More technical notes on the All the Windwracked Stars revision

  • When all the bits I am keeping are pasted into the new manuscript, along with a complete scene by scene outline of the stuff that needs written, there is 334 pages of book here, of which the first 269 are contiguous. Of course, 45 pages of that need extensive revision. When I say extensive, that stuff is basically pasted in as a placeholder to remind me what happens in the scene, and the whole scene needs to be rewritten, in a different POV, with all the suck vacuumed out.
  • The plot is completely different, but this is somehow the same book. And possibly *more* itself than before I took it to pieces.
  • I never understand how that works.
  • When I am done with the draft, I am going to have one last grovel through the corpse of the derelict book and look for clever bits to salvage. I don't really expect to find any, though. It's kind of ass. And I might give up in disgust because this old stuff is really hard to read, it's that awful.
  • In eight years, I will also think what I am writing now is ass.
  • The good news is, By the Mountain Bound is already revised. The Sea thy Mistress, however, is looking like a ground-up rewrite. I've already looted the corpse some for this book. And it's getting bits of plot that got taken out of the other two books screwed onto it. That should be fun.
  • Oh, screw it. I pretty much think it's ass now. I suspect this is an unavoidable part of my growth as a writer. You see, when one starts off, one thinks one might be okay at this writing gig. Eventually, as one learns more about it, one also learns that everything one once thought was ok or even good is really quite crappy. One therefor develops a suspicion of one's own sense of how good one's own work is.
  • The book's problem Among this book's many problems was that it had nearly no plot.
  • But it did have lots of angst.
  • It still doesn't have much plot, but at least what it also does have isn't arbitrary things happening in the way most likely to drive the angst. The things that will happen this version make more sense. I hope. And are generally less goofy.
  • This means an approximately 90% reduction in durance vile and also in repetitive injuries.
  • Also, faffing about in sewers and on rooftops is for superheroes, not semi-fallen angels. Stoppit.
  • Durance vile is what you do when you can't figure out a damned thing to do in the next chapter. Also stoppit.
  • It also means somebody else gets to have the near-death experience.
  • Sorry, kid.
  • This is an improvement, because the old version has an awful lot of "I am doing this because I am the Evul Overlord and something has to drive the plot (such as it is)." behind it.
  • The Evul Overlord is much more a pathetic and and desperate overlord now, which is really what I always wanted.
  • Also, the sex is all much more pathetic and deperate, and I think I have expunged the last trace of Fated Love from the damned thing. (I was trying to deconstruct Fated Love, and didn't have the chops at the time to do it.)
  • Man, there's a lot of sex. And not!sex.
  • Really, I could not write when I wrote this thing.
  • It's nice to feel like I know what I am doing, for a change.
  • It won't last, however.
  • My god. After eight years... well, more like thirteen if you count the first stories I wrote about Muire.. and more drafts than I can actually count, I am actually close to done with this book in a manner in which it may stay done.
  • I think I'm a little overcome.
  • This isn't writing-related, but the P.C. just woke up, stretched, yawned, and reached out and grabbed my wrist and hugged it. I am undone.
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