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if they take us, they will burn us.

Part II of the excerpt of One-Eyed Jack & the Suicide King is up at Subterranean.

Part I is here, and as you might expect, flows naturally into part II. Or, you know, just scroll up from part II.

ETA: Right, since there are many many new people... I just got reminded that I should *tell* the new people about the fan community, worldwire, moderated by the lovely hernewshoes, which is where you can go to talk about me behind my back. If you like.

God, I'm mighty.

Accomplished today:
4 loads of laundry sorted (it must wait to be washed until I get quarters)
Floor swept
Dishes washed

Post office
Stuff needing sent out packaged up

Still needing to be done later this week:
Declutter living room
Bank, for quarters
Actually wash that laundry
Go to the post office again
Farmer's market
And whatever else comes up.*

What? Words?** Um.


Look! A Bunny!

*In my CST.***

**Oh, damn, gotta write a hard SF flash story soonish, too, and that book review. After the novel. Finish the novel. Finish the draft, Bear. Finish the draft.

***Copious Spare Time
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