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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

what it means to steal, to cheat, to lie; what it means to live and die

Bear's recent cravings for red meat and dark leafy greens are a sign that:

she is premenstrual, out of season
she is about to give birth to the (Anti)christ
she's building lots of useful muscle, despite only just getting back to the gym on Friday after Sycamore Hill
she's becoming a vampire
it's summer and the farmer's market is full of tasty greens
swiss chard ticky
baby spinach ticky
kale ticky
dandelion greens ticky
mustard greens ticky
New York strip steak ticky, with sour cream horseradish sauce


I had those cravings in early pregnancy . . .

Looking forward to welcoming the antichrist
Aaaaaarrrrrr... red meat! Methinks me'll cook me up some tonight instead of nice lean (boring...) chicken.
Your farmers' market actually sells dandelion greens? Damn! I have to grow my own dandelions...

*surveys weeds, proudly*
sometimes, my GROCERY STORE carries dandelion greens.

*g* It's a nice country I live in, between the capitalists.
() She's low on iron?
Not usually, unless something else is going on.
Mmmmmustard greens!! Steamed in the microwave!
Tricia for the WIN!
By about three or four months. And they're not a leafy green.

meet me in the fields out behind the dynamo...

'Tis fresh greens and grilling season, that's all, when a young foodie's thoughts turn to...well, eating. okay, our thoughts always turn to eating, but it's all so fresh and immediate, right now.

My local pushers farmer's market has been supplying me with fresh lamb, greens and chevre until I am spoilt like a spoilt thing. And did I mention the beekeeper who had honeycomb, and the baker with rosemary-asagio bread, and...

excuse me, I need a cigarette now.

oh, the iconlove.
tempeh with horseradish sauce?
she's trying to give me an earworm from sondheim's "into the woods."

(there's a song where the baker's mother is craving "greens, greens, and nothing but greens!")
Now I need a damn steak and baked potato with that sour cream horseradish sauce. Damn you. *phones Outback*
bad infliuence, me?
No, no, spending is good for the economy, so they tell me, so! ^_^ And this way I can get those tasty burgundy mushrooms on the side.
The day I decide to start eating healthy (lemon pepper grilled whitefish for dinner), you talk about strip steaks with sour cream horseradish sauce.

And my recent job switch and resulting pay increase has Morton's seductively whispering my name.
I voted for vampirism. On one hand, it wouldn't surprise me one bit. On the other it's so overdone. Everyone and their cousin's cat is becoming a vampire these days.


Lots of ticky but no chance to vote "Icky"???
What a Healthy Bear.

(Actually I wouldn't vote icky either, but at the moment I'm supposed to stay away from fiberous greenery. Protein GOOD though.

So my vote goes to NY Strip Steak ticky, with or without the sour cream horseradish sauce.

(Hello! been offline recovering from s/u/r/g/e/r/y/TMI but now I'm back posting again :-) Bye!)

Re: Ticky?

I missed you! *g*
Mmmmmm, quiche!

(Layer a cup and a half or so of cheese [cheddar, goat, brie, stilton, whatever floats your boat] in the bottom of a piecrust. Top with a cup of cooked vegetable matter. Mmmmm, greens! With onion and maybe a wee bit of balsamic vinegar. Beat together 1 cup of sour cream [or yoghurt] and 3 eggs. Pour over the top. Bake at 375 deg. F for almost an hour. Let set for 15 minutes before cutting. *drool* Devour.)