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that can wreck a human being and turn him inside out

[14:56] matociquala: Okay, seven different versions of this sentence and finally I have one I like.
[14:56] matociquala: Maybe I can write the scene now.
[14:57] matociquala: (first version: "It is not that the wolf is particularly concerned with dying.")
[14:57] matociquala: (last version: "The threat of death is not what baffles the wolf.")
[14:57] matociquala: You wouldn't think that would take four hours, two snacks, and a trip to the gym, would you?
[14:58] leahbobet: Nah, writing is hard.
[14:58] matociquala: At least it's a better sentence. :-P

In other news, Bragelonne is picking up French translation rights for Carnival. Woot! A few more foreign-rights sals, and I can cut back to two books a year when the current contracts are up.

Or maybe even a book every nine months. Crikey. Luxury. *

In other news, I just got three bottles of Noodler's fountain pen ink from Swisher Pens. Ordered 'em Saturday. These guys kind of rock.

I highly recommend the Green Marine: it is the tourmaline green I have been looking for all my life. A little browner than jade green, but not as olice as pine green or actual Marine Green.

Actually, the color it is? Is rifle green. Almost exactly.**

Good ink is love. And since this damned book, like Carnival, is determined that it wants in large part to be drafted in longhand, pretty ink is nice to have.

The Ottoman Azure is nice, too. Not as nice as the Ottoman Rose, and it could be a bit darker, but I understand on some intellectual level that New England skies are a different color from most other skies, and I can't judge other azures by the azure we have here at home.

*We used to live in a hole in the road....

**Now I just need Sean Bean....***

***Or Jenny.
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