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Murder your darlings....

[17:15] matociquala: How did I come to write this sentence ?
[17:16] matociquala: The clouds diffused a faint unhealthy luminescence, attributable neither to the day-faded aurora of the Defile nor the light of the occluded sun.
[17:16] tanaise: drugs!
[17:16] stillsostrange: You were reading HPL?
[17:16] matociquala: And I have no idea what to do to unsuck it
[17:16] stillsostrange: While on drugs
[17:16] matociquala: yeah, it is pretty HPL
[17:16] tanaise: post it to your journal, see hjow many people admire it.
[17:16] matociquala: actually, I think the bad word is "attributable."
[17:17] matociquala: and aurora
[17:17] stillsostrange: It's not helping.
[17:17] tanaise: and possibly occluded.
[17:17] matociquala: I kind of like occluded.
[17:17] tanaise: and, heck, most of the rest of them.
[17:17] matociquala: Maybe if it were two sentences.
[17:17] matociquala: The clouds diffused a faint unhealthy luminescence.
[17:18] tanaise: Presumably you liked the whole sentence once, bear.  Your judgement is thus considered suspect. 
[17:18] matociquala: No, I just wrote it.
[17:18] tanaise: what? 
[17:18] tanaise: okay, that's it. 
[17:18] tanaise: you're grounded.
[17:20] matociquala: The clouds she squinted against diffused unhealthy luminescence, which she could blame on neither the day-faded Defile nor the occluded sun.
[17:20] matociquala: That's less awful.
[17:21] hawkwing_lb: less.
[17:21] matociquala: Bitch.
[17:21] matociquala: *g*
[17:21] hawkwing_lb: hey, it's still better than anything I could do :)
[17:21] matociquala: *drowns*
[17:23] hawkwing_lb: I'm kinda allergic to luminescence.
[17:23] hawkwing_lb: Nothing personal :)
[17:23] matociquala: Tough.
[17:23] matociquala: The clouds are glowing.
[17:23] matociquala: Live with it.
[17:23] hawkwing_lb: *gets the anti-hystamines*
[17:23] hawkwing_lb: :)
[17:24] matociquala: *drowns Liz more*
[17:24] matociquala: *kills a few more adjectives*
[17:27] matociquala: Muire squinted against their unhealthy luminescence, glad not to be unprotected beneath that sky.
[17:27] matociquala: Stupid sentence
[17:28] matociquala: I am glad I am not a visual person, because trying to get visual images boiled down into a couple of phrases is nightmarish.
[17:28] stillsostrange: yes
[17:30] matociquala: It's much nicer to write pretty evocative sentences and let the chips fall where they may.

[17:34] matociquala: No respect, I tell you. No respect at all.
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