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bear by san

March 2017



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Jean Gris isn't worried about your guns.

"recognizance" is one of those words that always looks wrong.

And my first copies of Undertow just showed up. They came up with a much better tagline for the final cover.

Man, this is a pretty, pretty book. And only $8.99 Canadian ($6.99 US) .... Go, failing dollar!

Eee. Books. Real books! *Wallows in the new-book smell*

And now, some oatmeal, and then back to the word mines.


"recognizance" is one of those words that always looks wrong.

But recognisance looks fine -- UK correspondent *g*
Interesting - I have never lived east of Massachusetts, and the version with the 's' looks right to me, too. Oh, well, more evidence that I cannot reliably sort British from American English.

I checked on a currency converter and the book should only cost $7.50 in Canada. The booksellers up here are ripping off consumers -- something that book buyers have been complaining about for at least a year.
Customs duties. *g* It's an import, up there.
Also, you're looking at multiple layers of markups. Which is to say--I get ~55 cents American per paperback. My publisher gets about $1.50-$2.00, out of which comes my 55 cents and all marketing and production costs, as well as salaries of the staff involved. The distributor gets $3.50 or so, out of which comes the publisher's ~$1.75 and all of the distrubutor's costs. The bookseller gets $7.00, out of which comes his overhead, his staff costs, and so on.

This is not a high profit business on the fiction end, mostly. Except the people at the very top of the heap, where those half-cents start to add up.
"Accrual" always looks wrong to me, too. And when I had the job where I was proofreading financial statements I saw it a LOT.
Oh yeah. That's totally not a real word.
I've got a lower center of gravity?
*new book smell*
talk about catnip for humans..