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turn that whiskey into rhyme

Library Journal has this to say about Whiskey & Water.

Bear, Elizabeth. Whiskey and Water: A Novel of the Promethean Age. ROC: NAL. Jul. 2007. c.448p. ISBN 978-0-451-46149-0. pap. $14. FANTASY

Matthew Szczegielniak, also known as Matthew Magus, lost his brother and the use of his right hand in a disastrous war against the Fae, spurred on by the treachery of fellow Promethean Mage Jane Andraste. Seven years later, Jane is building a new army of mages, and Matthew discovers the body of a young woman, apparently murdered by a Faerie agent. To fulfill his job as protector of New York City, Matthew must find the murderer, avert another war with the Fae, and contend with the very forces of hell and the New York legal system. Bear's sequel to Blood and Iron reaffirms her skill at creating memorable—and memorably flawed—characters as well as her sure hand at blending together the modern world with the world of the Fae. Her elegant storytelling should appeal to fans of Charles de Lint, Jim Butcher, and other cross world and urban fantasy authors. A strong addition to fantasy collections.


C'mon, it's a good book. You know you want it. G'wan, make my publisher embarrassed about the size of the print run.

I have this to say about All the Windwracked Stars

The Daring Hexcape Has Happened!

Now, the smut. Er. Oh, look! A bunny!

Seriously, just a transition to write, and part of a scene that's partially written, and then another transition, and we're into, well, the part where stuff really starts to go to hell. Hel. Niflheim.



Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
82,745 / 100,000


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
369 / 400

Oh god. I can see the top from here. If the oxygen dep doesn't get me, I might actually finish this thing....

This one is not picking up speed in the writing, toward the end. It is, in fact, getting harder. Apparently, it saved the Dreaded Middle for late in the book.

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