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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds boom

link salad, big essplosions edition

via greygirlbeast and stwish:

I really love big explosions where almost nobody gets hurt. Tunguska impact crater? Maybe possibly?

Italian researchers now think they've found a smoking gun: The 164-foot-deep Lake Cheko, located just 5 miles northwest of the epicenter of destruction.

via jlassen:

Cover art for Wastelands, edited by johnjosephadams.

The contributor list on this one makes me feel SEVERELY out of my league.

In other news, with assistance and perserverance, I have tracked down that Senor Coconut er, track. You can listen to part of it here, if you want to know why it's crack. Sadly, as much as I would like to on principle, I cannot recommend Senor Coconut's covers of "Beat It" and "Riders on the Storm."

I can, however, wholeheartedly get behind the free music Hannah Fury has up for download. Especially "Girls that Glitter Love the Dark," "Meathook," "It was her House that Killed Nessarose" (Wicked filk! as leahbobet rightly points out), "Scars" (Scarborough Faire goes to Goff Camp), and especially "Carnival Justice." Because if you wondered why the Hugo Weaving vigilante drag queen werewolf was back to both me again, that sound would be why. (And why she's gone from being a Hugo Weaving drag queen werewolf to a Hugo Weaving vigilante drag queen werewolf, which makes all the difference in cool.) (Yes, this is a character from Patience & Fortitude. Dammit, gonna need a volunteer drag queen... yes, my brain is frantically scrabbling around trying to find things that might be more itneresting than the ending of All the Windwracked Stars.)

(Which is what I need to go work on right now, alackaday.)


I'm particularly fond of "Girls That Glitter Love the Dark".
You are an EEEEVIL bear, who pimps out music to us weak-willed folk who can't resist the sweet sweet crack of "more more more"! (I now have a playlist on my iPod labeled "Bear Music". It's got everything you've recommended which I've bought and downloaded. It's getting scary big. Just thought you'd like to know.)
Thass me. ;-)
Thanks for the Hannah Fury rec - I'd never heard of her before, which clearly indicates a slight flaw in my character.
stillsostrange says, "like Tori Amos with breath control and a rhythm section."
I was thinking "Tori Amos and Sarah McLaughlin had a changeling baby"!
Mmm. Yeah.

Which, by some odd brain connect, reminds me that I should dig out the Joan Osborne.
Should I have heard of Joan Osborne too?

*eyes iTunes*

*eyes calendar marking payday*

Enh. *click*.
OH! The song about God on the bus!
Among others, yeah.

The first time I ever heard that song, I was in the car with this guy I was seeing, and I made him shut up so I could listen. *g*
The first time I heard that song was in the third form common room, and it prompted a serious discussion on comparative religion, which was pretty darn amazing for an audience of self-involved thirteen year old girls.

Thank you again for the recs!
Any time. *pimpity pimp*
Oh yes you should.

Try out "St. Teresa" and "Man in the Long Black Coat" and "If I was You Man" and "Make You Feel My Love" and get back to me. *g*

She's got Bonnie Raitt's balls and a voice to *die* for.
She also does an amazing version of "Brick House".


Her cover of "Brokedown Palace" doesn't suck either.
I looooove "If I Was Your Man". I find it deconstructive. :)
You also have my envy.
I love me that Senor Coconut Kraftwerk cover album. Neon lIghts is even more lovely than the original. I heard the other one was "enh."

I find it weird the thing they're looking at in the lake is 5 miles from the epicenter. If it's the final resting place of the Tunguska object wouldn't that be the epicenter?
and especially "Carnival Justice." Because if you wondered why the Hugo Weaving vigilante drag queen werewolf was back to both me again, that sound would be why.

"Carnival Justice" and "The Necklace of Marie Antoinette" are two of my favorites.
You have good taste.
You have good taste.

Heh. Thank you. I discovered her last February and a line from "Carnival Justice" promptly manifested as an epigraph to a novella; she is like that.
BTW, recent research shows that although Vlad Tepes had become synonymous with vampires, he was, in fact a werewolf..
No, he wasn't. Or a vampire either.

His grandson is, though, because somebody thought it would be funny.
Carnival Justice all the way. *g*

(fight! fight!)