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bear by san

March 2017



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writing rengeek magpie mind

seen angels in the shooting galleries and heroes in the bars

Five random things make a post:

1.) Cathoair really wishes I had not found this song. (youtube)

2.) 1800 words this morning to get to the sex, and the bastards faded out on me. As well. Sorry about that.

3.) Tyop du jour: "oink and grey granite"

4.) It's harder to revise old text to anything like not sucking than just to write new less sucky text from scratch. It's like the suck gets ossified in.

Maybe it's like mustard.

Maybe I need SuckStick.

5.) And Lucy is coming to the U.S. (!)

And I held the future up to a looking glass
It bears a striking resemblance
To the embers of the past


Suckstick! The handy, convenient, take-anywhere product for all your suck removal needs!
Guaranteed to remove suck from all surfaces! Hard surfaces--soft surfaces--it reaches down and pulls the suck out from between fibers! It gets the suck out of cracks and crevices! It'll get the suck out of anything! For some applications, Suckout gel in a jar may show better results. See our entire line of fine suck removal products at sucksnomore.com.
(Note: Manufacturer is not responsible for the fact that some relationships and jobs may no longer exist when the suck has been removed.)
And for God's sake don;t spill it on a TV set.

However, a little known spplication is that you can rub it on a draft manuscript, and then just type new stuff where the white spaces appeared.
Oh, no. Don't even let it near the TV.

What happens if the manuscript ends up entirely blank? I'm asking as a hypothetical here, because I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen to you these days.
Well, that was probably something it was better to know before you published it, neh? ;-)

Darn the Smithsonian anyway - I mean I totally understand them and even kind of agree but - LUCY. But at least they say they're still hoping to stop in DC somewhere.

Must find out where and when she's stopping. I will trade Tut for this no problem. My dad (the archaeologist who loves paleoarcheology and human origin stuff best of all) needs to get to see Lucy more than anything, and I want to be there with him.

Also, want Suckstick. But would abuse its power, probably. Like rubbing it on people.
I know!

Although I wouldn't want to take the suck out of people, necessarily. [/dirty] only teh suck, which is different.
Oh, hadn't even thought about dirty. Must be in too much pain today for that. I wanted to rub it on politicians and remove Teh Suck. And see what remained besides their wallet.