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sun burned hot it burned my eyes, burned so hot i thought i'd died,

I am on page 336 of an estimated 400-420 or so (I have fifty pages of notes and really crappy old draft that need to be converted into Real Manuscript after this, which is why the official page count is higher. Hopefully, some of that will compress. There's one scene that's a million miles too long for the work it does, but I must have been chasing my tail or enjoying the scenery or something when I wrote it.). Events are about to transpire that took place starting on page 298 of 388 in the original draft, which tells you about how much the weight of the book has shifted around. Less random stuff happens, and yet, it all takes more room. Amazing what happens when you start to actually write setting and transitions.

In a second, I'm going to shower, make tea, and go start today's scene, which is going to kick us over into the windup to the climax of the book. (Thankfully, the book will have a shorter climax than Worldwired. Never write a damned four hundred page book where the kickover starts before page three hundred, is all I'm saying. You will be up all night writing, because it's even worse than reading one of those.)

So anyway. Gotta go kill somebody blameless in a minute. Hope you all are having a fabulous morning, with significantly less flooding or 100-degree temperatures than we've been noting around the world of late.

But first I have to dance around the living room to Emmylou, some.
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