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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

Also, it's official.

~50-75 pages from the end, and the characters have abandoned what passes for a frelling outline around here.

And me (mostly) off liquor.


You're running a D&D campaign, and your characters won't go in the direction you want 'em to, you get annoyed.

You're writing a book, and your characters won't go in the direction you want 'em to, and IT'S TERRIFYING. How do they DO THAT? Who's WRITING this story, ANYWAYS?

I don't mind when I'm writing, and I get them stuck, and they say "Dude, how about a little God Machine?" But when they get THEMSELVES stuck, I think "HA! Serves you RIGHT, you JERK! I wanted you to go save the girl, not go off on this totally unrelated quest, but NO, YOU had to be the freakin' HERO..."

...I should probably stop drinking beer, huh?
Or drink more.
Maybe the characters going off on their own simply means that they see something wonderful as an ending and think it's going to be much better than the outline's ending. This could be a good thing!
I should probably stop playing desktop defense and write, huh?
Icon stutter is a speciality...
Isn't that usually the way of things?Smarmy bastards. Anyway, good luck.
And me (mostly) off liquor.

Well, why on EARTH?????

That's how it was during the month my folks were in town b/c I was in pre-trial and then trial, though. Who had time to drink??? I'm just now coming down--trial ended the one week, and then I found out just a few days later I had to go to Indy for deps in another case, and so was out of town for the better part of last week--and I had to chose today between red wine and exercise.

I'm not sayin'. You can't make me.

As for the characters running amok, well, you know, treat 'em like teenagers. Let 'em frack it all up and then force THEM to clean up their own messes and bear the consequences??? (Says the woman who's son is about to turn 13 and is too smart for his own darned good).
Liquor is not project-healthier-me compliant. *g*