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come on do your worst, boy, that's the way, that's the way

Robert Tilendis at Green Man Review provides an extremely positive review of Whiskey & Water, which of course spoilers the hell out of Blood & Iron, but that's pretty much my own fault. It's also got a couple of spoilers for W&W utself, but hey, there you go. Anyway, he liked it.

Which makes me happy, because I rather think it's my best so far.

Official pub date is July 3, but my sources tell me Amazon has started shipping pre-orders.

With the help of the eminent stillsostrange ("help" here means she's doing all the work and I'm kibbitzing over her shoulder), I have embarked on a major website redesign project. More as developments warrant.

And I have two chapters of All the Windwracked Stars to go, one which has to be written from scratch, the other of which has to be cobbled together from broken bits of the denouement of the bad version. (The denouement was actually pretty good. The climax was crap, and so has to be rewritten.)

Are we there yet?
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