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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Well, I guess it's official enough to tell people now.

I'll be Guest of Honor at the Fourth Street Fantasy Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 20-22 of next year. Twin Cities peeples, this means I am coming to see you next summer. *g* And since I'm going to be there anyway, I might try to arrange flights so I can stay a little before/after the Con if persons are willing to put me up...

In other news: Readercon awesome, Bear continues to universally wash out of Mafia in the first round, and they have here a hot tub. Yay!



Great choice of theirs for GOH!

I'll be there.

Re: Yahoo!

Can't wait to see you!
Kudos! I bet you're going to have a blast. Too bad you have to wait almost a whole year :-)

Oh, next summer is more than soon enough for another round of conventions!
Elise already spilled the beans.

Congratulations! I hope to be there, but WisCon is a conflict for us West Coast types, so who knows?
Alas. It is so. I will be at both, in any case....
Congratulations on being invited to be a GoH! That's exciting! Have you got your requirements all worked out? You know, the bowls of only green M&Ms, cases of some hard-to-get Japanese soda, and Egyptian cotton sheets on the bed? *grin*

Is Mafia like the old game of Assassins we used to play in college? Everyone has a contract on someone else in the game, and you have to "kill" your target with a water gun, and no witnesses. I never won, but I made it to the final round twice.
No, it's a kind of social engineering extravaganza.

Hurrah! I will be there with bells on, having made triple sure that Apollocon, where I will be fan GoH for the first time ever, is the weekend after, and not on top of it.

Congrats on being GoH!
Excellent! And good on you!
Congratulations! Although, ack, Minneapolis in summer: hot HOT muggy -- hold out for air conditioning wherever you stay! :-) Today it's about 100 degrees there with high humidity. I remember it well.
It is hot. SRSLY.
June in Minneapolis isn't nearly as hot as July. :3 Woot, now I have a reason to go!
See you there, perhaps....
Congrats! Have a great time! :)

Book arrived, by the way...

I would rather have had the first 4th St GoH back again, but Zelazny isn't available.
Not since he took that other gig, no, unfortunately.
Does this mean no BEAR at Readercon 18?
June is not July.
Yay! Congrats!

I'm embarrassed to say I've never heard of the Fourth Street Fantasy Convention, though. I shall google forthwith!
It's itty bitty. The best one on the block, though, they say.
Oh, great, now I'm going to have to to two cons in three weeks (this one and CONVergence).

I hadn't even heard of this one 'til now, which clearly means I need to pay more attention!
It's itty bitty.
Sorry you washed out of Mafia so early. I think you were just too much of a threat. Too bad - I was looking forward to seeing you play longer.

And congrats on the GoH gig.
I always get taken out fast. *g* But yanno, if I changed my style of play? They'd just wipe me out for that.

I thought you were pretty awesome.

I just saw the flier for that con while I was at Convergence this weekend, and will most likely be there. It looks like just the thing for writers who want to talk about writing.