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December 2021



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problem cat

"That's the way to handle precious things."

The presumptuous cat presumes you would rather let her read that book for you.*

*Yes, I was actually reading it when she came over and pushed me out of the way to see what I was reading.


KeithMarmel hates my books and will savage them given half a chance. As things that take attention away from him they are almost as hated as the hoover.

He's a little tinker.
Ista has gotten more interested in my books lately. Not sure why, except for the Fodor's -- that one was old enough that it must have smelled fascinating to her. But even my brand-new Vernor Vinge novel got a Polite Lick.
Our new kitten, Epiphany, likes to type on my wife's keyboard when she isn't looking. No memorable quotes, yet, though.
Ours just typed out my wife's license plate number.... :)
Dontcha know, books are the best place to lay down?

I often read on my bed, laying on my front, book laid flat open. BOTH of my cats have the annoying habit of jumping up and laying on top of the book. (Er, not at the same time cus it'd have to be a rather large book to fit both of them.) The generally take turns. They also do it when I'm doing puzzle books, too. I usually have to slide the book out from under them so I can read. They then demand that I pet them. *sigh* It's a tough life.
What a great picture!

You should turn that into a usericon.

Let's see if my server is working:

It does not appear to be....
Cats read through their stomachs.
Further proof that cats are aliens! They read through their stomach!

Maybe it works a bit like a scanner? ;-)
Those cats are mutants. Most cats read with their butts.
Our cat, when we had a cat, preferred the center of the newspaper. More comfortable, I guess, none of those nasty book edges to interfere with a good lie-down.
I had a canary who would perch on the book as I was reading in and chirp loudly at me. When that failed she would hop down onto my stomach (I read on my back then) and peck at the book until I closed it. Yes, she flew freely around the room. Went into her cage at night.
Our cat Shiro liked to help me play one of my characters on City of Heroes ( an MMORPG ), he graciously would help me out by firing off one of my powers every chance he got, since the animation was apparently the next best thing to a mousey stuffed with nip.