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I died on the Starship Matociquala

I was killed in a glass-walled security station by Mirrorthaw the Phogon warbot, whilst carrying...

a STAR-D forcefield generator, Greygirlbeast's commbadge, Frau Flora's commbadge, a RIKIBETH-10 plasma rifle, a Yukionnaian artefact, a Kendwoodsian artefact, a Perigeeian deathblade, a Princejvstinian raygun, a TRYSLO-7800 supercomputer, the Log of the USS Quiller77, a Brniian artefact, the Log of the USS Caprine, Brisingamen's commbadge, an CMPRIEST-190 phaser, an Andyhatian deathblade, Mrdankelly's commbadge, a Joecrowian deathblade, a writinglithium crystal, a Lyrebirdian deathblade, an IRENE-2500 supercomputer, a Despotlizian artefact, Roane's commbadge, a Gannetian raygun, a Tgabrielle model hazmat suit, a ST-CRISPINS-20 plasma rifle, a Cheese-Gromit! model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Careswen, a DRY-WIT-20 plasma rifle, a Rmkoskeian raygun, an ANNAFD forcefield generator, a RUSHTH-8100 supercomputer, an EUGIE forcefield generator, a Swordlily model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Ndannais, a Sailormurian raygun, a Wintersweetian deathblade, a GAME-T-8800 supercomputer, an TIGGERBONE-60 phaser, a fantasylithium crystal, Coffeeandink's commbadge, a Slithytove screwdriver, Skzbrust's commbadge, Furfina's commbadge, an ARTHURIANA-30 plasma rifle and 436 galacticredits.

Score: 938

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You are in a zero-gravity holodeck. You are surrounded by realistic 3D representations of swamp yankees and saint zonker harris.
You inject the syringe marked 'ELLEN-FREMEDON-BETA'. Swirling nanobots clean all traces of bill of rights from your bloodstream.
Tags: baa baa black sheep

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