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there's no such thing as a winnable war. it's a lie we don't believe anymore.

Should I be writing Norse noir steampunk to the Old 97s? Is that intrinsically wrong?

I have two chapters to go on the revision. One of those is first draft, and will probably need a certain amount of polishing. The other, I expect to have to rewrite extensively and add stuff to. So it's a good job I've gotten seven pages out of this fucker on revision so far. Bears do, indeed, spend a certain amount of time chasing their tails.

You can go ahead and get married and this will be our secret thing.
I won't tell a soul except the people in the nightclub where I sing.

Words I'm surprised Word do know: vermicular, ETA holmgang
Words Word don't know: warhorse, feathertip, seatbones, backwinged, uncowed, orrery, Tyr, armspan, magery, blacksmithing, runamal, galdr, sorceries, unwork, presider, bindrune, warfetter, incuriously, tideline, barechested, swordbelt, razored, ylang-ylang, Wyrm, warhorses, moreau, moreaux, tradespeople, Eddas, archness, unfallen, blowflies, incarnadine, biospheres, teared, refroze, hast, dost, thorned, handsfuls, likest, sweetling, musky, blackly, sorenesses, breastless, machinimated, Mnemosyne, hoverboard, tailtip, unpick, beigeness, medallioned, holotanks, fylgja, hoverchair, unamplified, unaugmented, cushiony, sourced, shatterling, aircars, understory, unhusbanded, sunwarmed, particolored, treeline, greave, resheathed, downstream, viny, startlement, alf, repulsor, pewters, supersoldier, Orpheus, unhumiliated, streetlit, clotheslined, sherd, unchampioned, ladderback, skulled, misbuttoned, unformidable, liminal, unforthcoming, chape, windily, adularescence, undispersed, gutterspout, whups, uncourteous, catgirls, unlevel, Oneiromancy, citrusy, holographically, calla, teleporting, rodentlike, bustlings, skaldr, sidereality, shadowless, magicked, patinaed, spidering, unstubborned, sweeting, whyso, prised, Britomart, cyborg, cheekflesh, chittering, cornerpost, smoothable, streetlight, downriver, seawrack, fro, featherfall, lightnings, reforged, candlewax, uncallused, windowglass, ballsy, grainless, bootnails, aswirl, spellcasting, warleader,

Darling: And Cathoair found himself thinking that there should to be a word for the way the hair sticks in curls to the neck of somebody you ought to have learned to love but didn't, when you are walking with them at night, down a beach in the rain.
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