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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

we are dust and shadows, under the naked light

Since this just came up in three different places in the space of the last five days--My Best Writing Advice (TM):

There are no Rules. There are only techniques that work, or don't work.

Sometimes they don't work because they are the wrong technique. Try something else; save that technique for another time.

Sometimes they don't work because you don't have the chops to pull them off yet. Try anyway.

You don't learn things you don't attempt. So go ahead and try: writing is not a performance art: if you break it, you can always go back and start over.


I recommend Art & Fear as an adjunct to that advice.
Bear is wise. Or perhaps 'merely' experienced.

writing is not a performance art: if you break it, you can always go back and start over.

which leads into my best writing (as opposed to publishing) advice: when it stops working, go back to the place it last worked and start again from there. Simple yet annoyingly effective.

That's good advice.
It's all good advice. As a matter of fact, I have tucked it into my back brain, from whence it will inevitably emerge during Clarion week after next. I will cite my source, of course.

Have you thought of teaching, oh wise one?
Me or Laura Anne?

I don't have a degree: nobody would hire me. But I am an instructor at VP this year, and I'm hoping I don't ruin anybody's life.future career. eeee!
Surely with such moderating words as that to keep in mind we won't have to worry about it too much.

I'm always big on balanced advice. ^_^

I will try not to break anybody.
I do teach, periodically. I like it, but not as much as writing. They keep wanting me to do paperwork...
*nods* You really *are* a wise Bear. It's the 'simple' advice that often works the best. I'm learning all the time - thanks for passing on your experience.
Hey, it's a handy thing to know!
Good advice. Keep posting those helpful comments.
I will do my best!
Thank you for this advice. It means a lot more coming from a published writer, and it's far more encouraging for those still unpublished.

;-) just keep pushing.
Thanks for this tip(s)!

I will have to try it again when I decide to write. I'd keep revising my novel but the Sox are on and need my support!