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Link Salad

Feminist Sf the Blog, on Judging SFF Novels by their Covers. Or, more precisely, the colors of the people on their covers. Hmm. Of my nine books in print, as of the end of this year, seven feature major characters who are non-Caucasian. Jenny kind of got bleached (and is headless, because old broads are not sexy enough for book covers) and Michelangelo and Lesa actually look non-European, and the little of their skin you can see is an appropriate shade. Everything else either has frogs or white people on it.

truepenny on reading protocols and why Slipstream isn't actually, you know, a genre.

leahbobet on why writers read what readers say about their books on the Internets with such interest....

What a couple of us argued in return is that no, the STORY doesn't actually really exist until we know it's made contact with readers. Until someone's talking about and around and through it in some corner of wherever, adding in the reader's fifty percent. Then it's a real story, when it's reacted to.
And, from the fandom side, it looks as though Mandy Patinkin has officially left Criminal Minds, in a somewhat dramatic fashion. Boy, the Narrative Continuity Fairy has it in for Ed Bernero....

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