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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

perhaps for my children your surface will smile.

Book Report #48: Ellen Klages, The Green Glass Sea

A YA novel about growing up at Los Alamos during the Manhattan project, which is a hypersimplication beyond belief. This is a wonderful book, gently written and convincing, that manages to be about a couple of misfit girls trying to figure out themselves and each other, and about the hardness of living in the world, all at once.


I'd read it just for that title. Love it!
I know!!! I loved it so much... I didn't make it, of course, though I did ask permission to use it. If you look at my user icons, I've put the website link there so you can get one, too! :)
Thanks! That's so strange... I'm sure I copied/pasted the link... *feels confused* I will change it to the right address! :)

p.s. I'm feeling the Christian Bale vibe, too. *g*
What she said.

(Recent reading has included Jennet Conant's Tuxedo Park and 109 East Palace.)
My younger daughter read it, read it again, made all her friends read it, made the school librarian read it, interviewed Ellen for her school newspaper, and is doubtless making all her friends at camp read it as we speak. It's a lovely book.
I'll have to check it out. Thanks to Mr. Gaiman, I'm currently reading her collection of short stories Portable childhoods.

I dig it.
She's full of awesome.