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sometimes when i take a peek outside of my little cage everyone looks so asleep

Massive image collage thingy behind cut. It is, however, sort of cool.

What I've been journaling about!

I like the Steampunk and Catgirl images the best, I think.

I'm going to see the Harry Potter movie this afternoon with ashacat. Your prayers are welcomed. In other news, I also need to get to the bank and to UPS and to the gym, and for some reason I ache all over. Well, I was super-sore going into my massage therapy apointment yesterday, and now I am slightly less super-sore, but rather bruised around the edges. And I slept about ten hours, which always happens after going in for maintenance. Pain is exhausting.

But it's worth it for the results.

Oh, god, I have to figure out some kind of breakfast, too. Being alive is just so much work....
Tags: baa baa black sheep, quotidiana
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