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December 2021



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sometimes when i take a peek outside of my little cage everyone looks so asleep

Massive image collage thingy behind cut. It is, however, sort of cool.

What I've been journaling about!

I like the Steampunk and Catgirl images the best, I think.

I'm going to see the Harry Potter movie this afternoon with ashacat. Your prayers are welcomed. In other news, I also need to get to the bank and to UPS and to the gym, and for some reason I ache all over. Well, I was super-sore going into my massage therapy apointment yesterday, and now I am slightly less super-sore, but rather bruised around the edges. And I slept about ten hours, which always happens after going in for maintenance. Pain is exhausting.

But it's worth it for the results.

Oh, god, I have to figure out some kind of breakfast, too. Being alive is just so much work....


neat meme thing!

Being alive is just so much work....

too right. *sigh*

I hope the Harry Potter is palatable. I haven't seen it yet, mostly due to my tired disconnect between plan and action. heh.
I tried that meme a while back, and had to re-generate it several times to get rid of the pron images. Homonyms weird language.

Good luck and godspeed at HP.
Hah. It was so incredibly much better than the book....
Enjoy HP - tis supposed to be much darker than the others. More angst, fewer moving staircases.

And glad your massage therapy worked. No pain, no gain, right? I had my iliotibial band "stripped" by my physio yesterday. Still can't even pull my clothes over that part of my leg without feeling nauseous.

BTW, did you watch the Last of the Timelords yet?
It wasn't bad. It had an actual narrative, unlike the last couple.

Also, Gary Oldman in ringlets.


Ahem, where were we?

Re: Who: I did. OMG. Okay, it was not QUITE as bad as the best episode of Torchwood, but it was pretty damn awful.
Also, Gary Oldman in ringlets.

Enticing. I already had a crush on Sirius Black and then to cast Gary Oldman? Lovely

Re: Who: I did. OMG. Okay, it was not QUITE as bad as the best episode of Torchwood, but it was pretty damn awful.


Which bit did it for you - the Doctor turning into Dobby the house elf or the "I believe in fairies" Doctor turning into Tinkerbell?

But I still love John Simm. A lot.
The pacing, mostly. Which was ass. And also, Martha's big saving the world moment being redusced to spreading the Doctor Love. And, well. Everything.
Being alive is just so much work....

Amen. What I hate is the getting up, showering, teethbrushing, hair routine. And I practically have no hair.

Today I was so on board with this sentiment that I didn't BOTHER to shower before work. I threw clothes on, ran a comb through my hair, brushed my teeth (and was frankly stunned by how imposed upon it made me feel to do so), threw on some clothes that appeared to match, and went to the office...:)
If you work at home, you can put that off almost indefinitely. *g*