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The joys of writer's IM chatrooms:

matociquala8 (1:16:26 PM): Why are all my characters named Will?
matociquala8 (1:16:39 PM): You'd think these people only knew two names.
HiddenAgenda17 (1:17:00 PM): well there's the whole spelling thing
HiddenAgenda17 (1:17:12 PM): How do you spell Amarynthe?
HiddenAgenda17 (1:17:24 PM): says the priest
HiddenAgenda17 (1:17:34 PM): ::fuddle parent:: call her Anne
matociquala8 (1:17:47 PM): There are five Wills in the Lord Chamberlain's Men alone.
matociquala8 (1:18:05 PM): Must have made giving notes a nightmare.
matociquala8 (1:18:18 PM): "Will, I need you upstage--no, Will, not you. Will!"
HiddenAgenda17 (1:18:43 PM): Red Will. Poxy Will. Big Will. Little Willy
SpcWriter (1:18:46 PM): "Will you come here, Will?"
SpcWriter (1:18:59 PM): "I will."
matociquala8 (1:19:09 PM): That's why Kemp quit. He got tired of being called Little Willy
HiddenAgenda17 (1:19:29 PM): well you would
HiddenAgenda17 (1:19:36 PM): with all the Dicks around
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