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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds hotch and reid has your b

you're someone i can't help betray

Oh, what the heck. jaylake is doing it!


Introduce yourself, ask a question, or talk amongst yourselves.

All I ask is if the question involves a spoiler, tag it in the subject line so people can skip past.


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Well, gee...since I just barged in and introduced myself on Jay's site, I'll do it here too. I linked to you either from one of the Baen sites or from Resnick's Group, but liked the content so stuck around. I'm still a small fish in the writing world, but did have a story in Baen's Universe last year and a bunch of smaller publications. Anyway, I like your writing and your LJ site, so...HELLO!
Hi! Nive to meet you.

And FWIW, at the beginning of 2002 I didn't have a single SFWA-qualifying sale.
Hi! I'm Robin, and I want to know how much crossover any of you have experienced between writers/readers of adult sci-fi/fantasy and young adult. Just curious :)

BTW, I read very few adult books in those genres (with the notable exception of OSC). But I love YA fantasy.
(I'm Genevra! This is a nice distraction from the Blake's 7 fanfic I'm reading to distract myself from my strep throat...)

I read a lot of both. I can't say there really is a lot of YA science fiction being produced these days, but a lot of the fantasy is...less preachy, perhaps, than what's being marketed towards adults? Some adult readers seem to like to be talked down to(see Terry Goodkind's work), and I find a lot of YA fantasy more direct.
Not all, by any means. There's a lot of good stuff in both areas, and there's a lot of overlap.
(Emma Bull keeps getting shelved in YA in my Barnes and Noble, for instance.)
I'm Brian Dolton, would-be author (yeah, like that SO distinguishes me from everyone else around here...), a couple of short stories published (IGMS, Abyss & Apex), a couple more on the way.

I can't remember how I got to the blog. I stick around because you quote Shriekback lyrics, do fantastic Cat and Monkey posts, and, oh yeah, talk intelligently about writing.
Hi! Nice to meet you!
Fly to Jamaica and order a Mai Tai. Put the rest in the bank.

You never know. Will Smith might still save us.
Hiya. Finished Blood and Iron last night. Liked it Very Much, though I suspect I missed a few bits, not being as conversant with ballads as I might be (John Cope, for instance?).

All through the Dragon bits, I kept flashing on Merlin from Excalibur....
Johnny Cope:


yay! Glad you liked.
Hi, my name's Sam. Yet another would-be author, sorry. I've been hanging around for about a month here. I really like the posts you do on your writing techniques; very interesting to see everything from a different (and experienced/successful) perspective.

*g* The good news is, I've had this blog since 2003, when I was only slightly published. So if you look back at old stuff, you can figure out how the learning process worked...
1) I wandered over through some random chain of friends of friends of friends, liked what you had to say (especially about writing) and stuck around.

2) I just finished Hammered and loved it, ran out and got more. Looking forward to the new one.

3) I lived in Hartford for two years, many aeons ago.

4) I'm currently struggling to get my fiction chops back after ten years of doing only the occasional nonfic article with one hand while changing diapers with the other (and yes, I know people do it but damned if I know how!) The way you write about writing encourages me.

So, um, hi!
Thank you!

And I dunno how anybody does anything and raises babies. Frankly. It's insane.
Hi! Yay!

Oh, I am so glad that worked for you. And poetic justice is a great term for it....

I’m Matt. I just got done with a 10 overnight shift that ran into 11 hours, so a bit crunchy at the moment.

I started reading your books when Hammered first came out. I was blown away with Blood and Iron.

John Scalzi is probably responsible for me starting to read this journal, as he linked to several of your posts that I liked. I decided to friend you when you posted a link dyanearden’s review of one of the Jenny Casey books (I can’t remember now if it was Hammered or Scardown), which I thought was a cool thing to do. She happens to be a friend of mine in the real world and said you were fun to talk to, which has proven to be true.

I’m fresh out of witty and incisive so I’m going to go crash soon.

Well, thank you. and welcome. And for the love of Mike, get some rest....
I got here through Jay's group.

Like many others, I'm a writer attempting to be published. Went back into writing after a ten year hiatus, have been published in small nonfiction venues (including a column stint in a campus newspaper while earning my teaching credential), know I could credibly publish nonfiction if I wanted to move up the levels but really, really want to publish fiction instead (See Day Job, below).

My day job is as a middle school special education teacher. Do NOT start telling me what a saint I am--that ruffles feathers, and I hear that too damned much in a patronizing tone for my liking. I don't work with the severely disabled, but with kids with mild disabilities such as specific learning disability, ADHD, mild emotional disturbance, and mild autism. Much of my work involves technical-type writing, so fiction for me is a release from finding yet another way to describe the splits in an IQ in neutral terms so as not to freak the parents.

I also am a horsey girl. But unlike many sf/fantasy writer sorts, I don't do dressage, although I do play with that at the lower levels. I own an honest-to-God, royally bred Quarter Horse mare from reining and cowhorse bloodlines, and would dearly love to compete her in amateur reining competition. I know just enough about Californio bridle horse training to get myself in trouble, and toy with trying to figure out how to introduce *that* particular meme into fantasy to compete with the heavy European dressage horsey themes. So if anyone has any horsey questions from a Western point of view...

Oh yeah, I'm also a beginner-level skier, and am a ski bum during the winters (which, in Portland, can be up to six months or more on Timberline, depending on the snowpack).
The way you introduce something new to fantasy is to stand up tall and do it with confidence.

*g* If you act with authority, people assume you know what you're doing. In art, unlike life, never ask permission.
Hi! I'm Deanne. I read. A lot. And write a little. Before I went to (my first) WisCon this year, someone asked me whether I had heard of you. Your name was familiar, and I was sure that I had read something of yours, but could only recall that it had left a positive impression.

I picked up The Chains That You Refuse in the dealer's room after seeing you on a panel because I liked the way your brain worked. Shortly after returning from WisCon, I stumbled across one of your zombie blog posts, and was instantly hooked.


Nice to meet you. Next WisCon, feel free to wander over and say Hi, you know....
Where do you get your ideas?
free-association, brain-packing, getting pissed off at other people who Did It Wrong, and just plain theft.

How about you?

The presumptuous cat approves of your cat!

minor mention of whiskey and water

I'm Kelly.

I've been reading your journal since December '06, but complete shyness and the fact that I never got a livejournal kept me from ever commenting. But figured that I've done enough lurking for one lifetime so I went and made a journal this morning. Would you mind if I made you my first friend?

Oh, I should warn you. I am but a lowly highschooler (we've all got to start somewhere). I love writing and your advice is always amazing. Also, you've got to be one of the funniest people I've ever not-met.

Also, just finished Whiskey and Water and I have to say that Kit and Matthew's friendship was possibly the best thing ever.

Re: minor mention of whiskey and water

Not at all.

And thank you.

And don't worry. I went to high school too. *g* I still have the nightmare where you get the letter telling you you didn't graduate and have to go back occasionally.

I *love* writing Kit and Matthew.

And you know, I wish you the best with your writing. When I was sixteenish, I was publishing stuff in Hobo Jungle and my HS literary arts magazine.

It can be done.
Hi, IRL, I'm known as Mike (among the many common derivatives of Michael).
I'm here via newroticgirl who recommended you as someone's journal to read since I've started writing again, and am now actually submitting. (I have a collection of nice rejection letters, of the "not what we're looking for, but, send more" variety, I take this as a Good Sign).

My question: What of yours would you recommend as a good place to start reading? Can I make that sentence anymore akward?
Hi, Mike!

I have enough rejections slips to wallpaper a small bathroom. And someday I am going to.

Um, what sort of stuff do you like?
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