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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls  mae west

the winds are crying remember me through the holy silence of the desert and the sea

Today is the day we choose scutwork.

The farmer's market is in full swing. I got there too late to get any sheep's milk yogurt (alas! It will have to wait for next Saturday now.) but I did score the following--

1 loaf of holiday fruit bread (which I have not tried before) from the bakers that also make the really good olive bread.
1 cherry chocolate scone for tomorrow's breakfast

2 "Violette di Firenze" heirloom eggplants, which are fated for parmigiana
purple heirloom stringbeans

red gooseberries (We determined that red gooseberries come from brown geese, and green gooseberries come from white geese.)
white currants
three pounds of peaches (two pounds of these have been converted into peach ginger sorbet and are freezing in the you know, freezer now)
early gold plums

2 leeks
2 ears of silver queen corn

Two weeks ago, it was nothing but squash and greens...

I thought about buying a bouquet, but I was on foot, so didn't.

The rest of my day has consisted of cleaning the kitchen, making that sorbet (I packed the peaches poorly, and a bunch of them bruised on the way home), doing laundry, and starting to clean out my bedroom. Two more loads of laundry to retrieve and fold once they're dry, and then I have to do the "work" part of my day: a short-short story needs written, and so does a column, and an interview needs to be answered, and then I owe leahbobet a first read on a novelette.

Man, my feet hurt.

Ahhh, the glamourous life of the writer. *g*


Today we have naming of parts

Sounds like a lovely day.

Are you from the Midwest, by any chance? "needs written" is an unusual idiom, and the only other friend I know who says it is Ohioan.

Re: Today we have naming of parts

New Englander born and bred.

Pennsylvanians use that construction too.

Re: Today we have naming of parts

Pennsylvania and Ohio?

Hmm. I wonder if it's related to the similar German construction?

Re: Today we have naming of parts

does that explain the Yankee thing though?

Re: Today we have naming of parts

I don't know, but t I heard it all the time when I lived in Ohio. Mostly from people who were natives or who were from Pennsylvania I think it may be a little bit class linked too. Most of the people I heard it from were from lower or working class backgrounds.

Peach-ginger sorbet...one of my favorite flavor combinations. ::swoon::
Cherry chocolate scone! I'm making a batch of those for my birthday. Which is Thursday. Which is my birthday. On Thursday, I mean. That's when my birthday happens.

Ahem. Sorry. My brain has clicked over, apparently.

Happy Brifday!
I sent you an email to the address listed on your website - did you receive it? (if you did and fine, good! just wanted to make sure it wasn't a dead address.)

mmmm, fruit bread. ^_^
Yes, I just suck about answering email. *g*

the matociquala at gmail one works too
Wow, given how busy you are, it was really nice of you to show up at last night's Clarion West party on the other side of the continent. But when did you grow the beard?

Ever since I renounced my ovaries ;-)
Peach ginger sorbet? Recipe? Mmmmm.
Cut up a bunch of peaches and dump them in a blender with some ginger and two tablespoons of corn syrup or simply syrup, and a glug of limeade.


Transfer to ice cream machine. Freeze.