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"Pray, good people, be civil; I am the Protestant whore."

book report #58: Nick Page, Lord Minimus: The Extraordinary Life of Britain's Smallest Man

being a biography of Captain Geffrie Hudson (1619-1681), late in the service of Henrietta Marie, Queen of England.

An interesting biography of an interesting man. Hudson was the Queen's Dwarf, and also for a while her Captain of Horse (during the late unpleasantness English Civil War). He was also extraordinarily unlucky, with regard to pirates.

Enjoyable, written on a fairly easy level. (I'd say middle-school, but I'm not quite sure; it's a grown-up book, but mostly devoid of big words and complex sentences.) It also includes a brief and focused overview of 17th century English politics.

My only real problem with it is that the author has a seriously annoying tic, which is to say he seems to be unable to pen a single chapter without Portentous Utterances Of Impending Doom, of the "Little did they know--" variety.

Dude, we'll get to the irony when we get to it. If you try too hard, we will just roll our eyes, and all suspense will be wasted.
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