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December 2021



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link salad: SFF edition

lilithsaintcrow offers some good advice on finishing the draft.

Paula Guran offers a suggestion that the young turks (and, substantially, turkettes*) of SFF start their own writer's organization.

And now, I am going to make a sally into the shoggoth story, because it started bugging me at bedtime last night.

*The new face of Science Fiction has breasts.


I have two words on the subject of new writers organizations.

Word #1: "fragmentation".

Word #2: "entryism".

The first is a problem. The second is a possible solution.
I suspect SFWA is probably moribund, at this point. Although I could be wrong.

I'm just not much of an organization joiner, personally, but I would if I thought there was something out there where I was welcome, and that offered some benefit in return for my dues.
I hear the Authors Guild can be holy terrors in a fight, so that's useful.

Somebody founded an organization for romantic erotica writers because it seemed obvious that they weren't welcome in, and more important, their interests weren't well represented by, RWA. That makes somewhat more sense to me. With all the fly-by-night E-publishers, an exchange of information is vital.

Note that Michael Capobianco actually said (and to be fair, later retracted) that SFWA had little to offer people who wrote SF romance and they should join RWA.

*The new face of Science Fiction has breasts.

And boy, does SHE get a lot of attention on the street.

Re: *The new face of Science Fiction has breasts.

Darnit, beat me to the punch
*The new face of Science Fiction has breasts.
Well, that's one solution to the "Eyes up here" problem...
Can I be that new face?


Of Aslan and icons...

I just saw these icons on Fandom Wank:
"Story not going the way you think it should? Tough. J.K. Rowling is not a tame writer"
And somehow, thinking about how much of a wringer you put your characters through, I think you deserve a similar slogan:
Elizabeth is not a tame Bear.

Re: Of Aslan and icons...

*g* Alas! I am a disappointment to so many.

Actually, I read a plot summary to see if I was right, and it seems like she did exactly what she set up.
*The new face of Science Fiction has breasts.

Quite the SFnal image there.

I think that was on Star Trek.
Anyone remember a short story where one of the characters was a shape changer. Was in a car with our protagonist who was hoping for a bit of nookie. Suddenly the two breasts he had been admiring reached out and grabbed him.

I still chuckle over that one, tho I don't remember who wrote it.