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December 2021



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just for you i stole this lovely dream

So I finally finished taking apart "Shoggoths in Bloom" and putting it back together again in a hopefully superior manner. I'm going to give it a couple of weeks, and then read through it and see where I think I should send it. I wonder if it's SFnal enough for Asimov's.

I guess I could try F&SF, but I'm pretty confident that I'll never sell them a story. Still, what's postage?

Of course, this wasn't the story I meant to be writing. That was "The Death of Terrestrial Radio." And I still have my column to do before bedtime. But you take it where you can get it, and I'm hoping that this means that the traditional thing where I finish a novel and then, starting a week or so later, those short stories I've been sitting on for ages start to fall out of my head, is happening.

Gosh, it feels good to finish things.

So, 2000 words today. And 134.2 miles to Rivendell. Man, this walking to Mordor thing takes a while when you have a dayjob.

Boy, it's nice out there. If I weren't claiming today as a Day Off, I would walk up to the park.


Why don't you think you'll sell a story to F & SF? If you don't mind saying...?
I'm not their type.
Being a chick, and all? I've heard things about that.

'Cause otherwise, I'd have to assume that Awesome Writers Who Rock are not their type, and that would be awfully dumb of them.
You're reading into my comment.

Editors publish writers whose work they enjoy, and find moving, and history would tend to indicate that mine doesn't work for Gordon.

Which is not a problem. It's his magazine and his money. He gets to buy what suits his taste, and what he thinks suits the taste of his readers.
Eek--my bad. Good luck with selling the story!
I guess I could try F&SF, but I'm pretty confident that I'll never sell them a story.

You know, hearing *you* say that makes me a feel a whole lot less bad about my own absolute inability to get past the F&SF gatekeeper...
It's all about editorial taste.

If you're hitting consistently with one or more pro or (respected/literary) semipro magazines, and consistently not selling to another? It's likely an issue of editorial taste.

If you're not consistently selling to anybody, work on your craft. It's you.
Interestingly, I'm doing reasonably well in non-US markets (Interzone, most notably) for a newbie, but no big scores here at home. And yes, I think individual taste is a big part of that -- I don't think I've enjoyed the stories being printed in the Big 3 as consistently as I have those in Interzone, and the one that comes closest (Analog) is the one I've come the closest to selling to. Which makes sense, as I write stuff which is similar to what I like to read, and I expect most people do as well.

All of which is one more argument for why it's good to read an issue or two of a particular magazine before you sub to them -- sure, it gives you a sense of what they publish, but if you don't *like* the stories in there, it's a good bet your own work will not be a good match for them. And of course you might read something you DO like, which is always worthwhile in itself.

But still, working on my craft anyway. I figure that's a lifelong process. (-:
Exactly. If you read a magazine for pleasure, chances are good you will sell to them.

Funny story: It was ages before I sold a *second* story anywhere. I was a one-hit wonder all over the place.

I suspect it's what several people have identified as my lack of a consistent genre/style.
If it helps bring any pleasure to you, I definitely want to read "Shoggoths in Bloom" (I'm a sucker for HPL-tastic stuff), and I bought two of your books today (Undertow and Whisky and Water), though they'll have to wait until I finish the Caitlín R. Kiernan book I got as well (Threshold - though I'm halfway through it already).
Hey, Undertow's in stores?


(thank you.)
I'd try F&SF anyway, just 'cause you never know. And I'd guess it's SFnal enough for Asimov's, but what do I know?

Anyway, I look forward to reading what you've done with it!
*g* Thanks, man.

I think it's a much better story now. I may still need to do something with the end before I send it out...
Shoggoths? What about Weird Tales?
It's not horror. Also, WT is low on my personal sub rotation. (Every writer has a list of markets in order of preference, usually determined by completely arbitrary reasons, such as "The editor bought me a drink one time" or "They pay really well.")
Bear, Asf is publishing more stories that are fantasy.

Just thought you'd like to know. *gringrin*

Btw, this morning I finished reading "Tideline" and adored it. It is easily my favorite story of the issue.
Thank you!

They keep rejecting my fantasy, dammit. But I keep trying.