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bear by san

March 2017



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ascii frog by Jean Seok

woman driving, man sleeping

krfsm claims he just bought a copy of Undertow, which means that it's probably available in fine brick-and-mortar stores many places, though the official release date is the 31st.

Woo! Froggie book!

Now I'm going to go read this book on game theory, I think.



One of said many places would be Science Fiction-Bokhandeln in Stockholm, so it's out overseas at least. Am quite looking forward to cracking it open.
Game theory?
Pray tell... what on Earth has you looking into game theory?
You need reasons to learn about things?

Also, you might look at my interests list. ;-)
Do I need a reason to learn about things?
No... I'd say it's pretty much an OCD of mine.

Also, you might look at my interests list. ;-)
Yes, I see you've cut and pasted my interest list. One of us! One of us! One of us!

So if you don't need reasons to learn about things, why would you think I do? *g*

'cause I was bein' nosey :P
I 've been waiting for one of the authors on my friends list to announce MMORPG right :D
I know a fair number of writers who play WoW.

Of course, many of them may never write again....
Ahhhh! Internet games are teh evil!
What's the name of the book on game theory?
See next post. *g*
I has Undertow! Forbidden Planet (London, UK) had copies last Saturday. Saving it for my trainride home.
I hope it makes you happy!
FP Cambridge (UK) also had a copy on Saturday -- it doesn't any more...

(I'm saving it to read next week on holiday)
Iiiiiiiinteresting that it seems to be available overseas, and not so much in the US...
I got a copy a few weeks back (from the publisher!). Looks great!
Oh see, that's cheating!

(hope you like it.)