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if there's no one you can pray to, does that mean you can't be saved?

Via james_nicolla Vector discussion of the Readercon panel on online reviewing.

Personally, I think we should start a peer-reviewed journal to review the reviewers.

Especially the really thickheaded ones, and the ones who ride their personal hobbyhorses into the ground.

(N.B.: Yes, I write book reviews too. No, I don't take them seriously. But I do find critical arrogation of privilege--both academic and in the lay press--more than faintly ridiculous. Trust me, sweetie, I do in fact know more about what my book is about than you do, no matter how desperately you would like to excise the author from the process entirely.)

avocadovpx breaks down the Hugo and Nebula winners since 1991, by source.

In other news, I am awfully tired of fighting entropy today. Will somebody do my chores for me?

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