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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology floyd pepper groovy

fever in the morning. fever all through the night.


Johhny Cash. Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Rita Moreno and the Electric Mayhem perform "Fever."

Muppet Labs presents The Gorilla Detector.

Kermit interviews Animal. "EAT DRUMS!"

Floyd and Scooter: "Mr. Bassman." Floyd is so my TV boyfriend.

Beaker sings "Feelings" Animal does crowd control.

Peter Sellers sings "Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Women."

Chickens play piano.

Mahna Mahna.

Rowlf and Victor Borge.

Fifty ways to leave your lover. Electric Mayhem cover. My GOD, Rowlf, this is a KID'S SHOW.

Poor Zoot. "Sax and Violence."

Merpig. And Mac Davis. Oh, my God, it's the Seventies.

Banana Sharpener.

And last but not least. Mummenschanz! Still just as creepy now as they were in 1976, man.

(More. More. More. More.)




It seemed like a good night for a muppet break.
Floyd is still my TV boyfriend.
Hotch was never in the running.

*pets Hotch.*

He's way too married.
That purple velour sweatsuit is something else.

You think Debbie's riding the white pony. Dude. Go look up Alice Cooper's appearance.
Can you say, too stoned to WALK?

Check out the Mummenschantz DNA ALL OVER Blue Man Group.

"Gorilla detector." I mean, just the juxtaposition of those two words is COMEDY PLUTONIUM. What is it? It's a gorilla detector. What's it do? Detects gorillas. Why would you need a gorilla detector?

I have no memory of seeing the gorilla detector sketch as a kid, so I finally saw it when I got the Muppet Show Season 1 DVD set... and the only thing that kinda bothered me when I saw it was that it was, well, pre-Beaker. Try to imagine what *that* would have been like...


"Beaker, get a hold of yourself. That is NOT a gorilla!"


*is carried off by gorilla*
That Johnny Cash is gold.
It's one of the best bits ever. leahbobet found that one.
I loved The Muppet Show, so a Muppet break is always welcome!

Also, it made me deliriously happy that someone had put the 'To Morrow' song up on youtube.

Oh yesss. The Henson and Oz muppets. Yesss.

Alas, the bit with Kermit drinking milk is not, as near as I can tell.
I sorely regret that the bit with Rowlf singing "Titwillow" with Sam the Eagle chiming in is not on YouTube. Because it is AWESOME.

"What's 'obdurate' mean?" "I don't know!"
Hee. Some of my favorite bits aren't up, either, but I usually loved the backstage interludes more than skits.
Sanity in a box.


For all their absurdity.

Keep me searching for a...

Sigh. Muppets. I looked for my favorite bit a while ago...Statler and Waldorf giving their review of a scene. Well, that was terrible. It was in the middle, there. I hated it! I loved it! Get 'im off. More!
Ahh, you just made me so happy. Fond memories of early Sunday evenings loving the Muppets.

I am the proud owner of 2 Muppet albums and now have an urge to dig both them and the turntable out.

My OH was a drummer for a long time and holds Animal up as one of his greatest influences. Alas his t-shirt featuring Animal and the words "Want Woman" has long since fallen to pieces.

*drifts off into Muppety nostalgia*
indeed. happy happy muppets.