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December 2021



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she can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye.

When one hasn't been practicing guitar enough, one is prone to blister when one starts up again.

In other news, that good news about the Promethean Age books? I'm allowed to tell you now.

Item 1: There will be a mass-market paperback release of Blood & Iron in June of 2008. *\o/*

In practical terms, this means if you have been putting off buying the trade, and want it in that format, now is the time to buy one, because the trades will likely be remaindered before the mass-market is released. If you have been putting off buying Blood & Iron because you don't love me fourteen dollar's worth, it means you will be able to get the book for seven or eight bucks.

Item 2: Publication dates and cover concept for Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth have arrived.

And this is really good news. Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth are being published, not in 2008 and 2009, as previously planned, but back-to-back in summer of 2008. Exact dates are pending, but I would bet on July and August, or June and July.

Which means I will be doing a lot of revising and then CE manuscripts this autumn and winter, yes yes.

Also, cover concepts. It looks like I&S will get Elizabeth I on the cover, and H&E will have... the Mebd.

Morgan, need I mention? Is cranky.

An unrelated item:

Amazon is listing a publication date for Dust, which is December 26 of 2007. This may or may not be accurate, but it's certainly possible. In any case, that's (technically speaking) a January 2008 pub date, because the ways of publishing are mystical and strange.

In additional other news, I've just more or less completed the massive website update and you can now find a whole bunch of online fiction linked in one convenient place, on my Short Fiction Pimpin' Page. There are three new, previously-unavailable stories: "The Cold Blacksmith," "Los Empujaderos Furiosos," and "House of the Rising Sun."

More will eventually follow, as I intend to keep the site content coming. Next step? Decent excerpts of the various novels. 


So, wait. Undertow comes out in less than a week. Dust is maybe, possibly, hopefully out just after Christmas and Summer of '08 is giving me two Promethean Age Books? make it very hard to maintain the oh so essential teen angst of my young years. Also, you are officially my new example for explaining the meaning of the word prolific to people.

I need to go mark the calendar and drop a few more dollars into the book fund.


Jane Yolen has something like 400 books, I think...

There's also the Tor stuff-- A Companion to Wolves this October, with Sarah; and next October, the Edda of Burdens starts up.

Would you mind, terribly, hanging some context on the teen angst comment?
Yay for the Promethean Age!

I want Invidiana on the cover of Midnight Never Come, but I don't know if I'm going to get her. Regardless, I will hope for a cover as pleasing as yours are.
Thanks for the story update.
no problem.
Not sure why, but your short fiction link isn't working for me. I had to go back in and add www as a prefix to get to the site. :(
That must be one of those weird "I Know better than you do" edits that Semagic does occasionally. Fixed now.
Suggestion for the website: those cover thumbnails could use alt or title attributes, to be less mystery meat navigation and to help Google index the links. (To see what Google sees, turn images off in your browser.) I mean, I recognize all of them... but I already have them all, and am thus probably not the target audience for the site. ;)

Linking up the titles on the bibliography page (where applicable) would help, too.
In my copious spare time.
... Promethean Age books ...

Now that just made my day. Blood and Iron is my favorite of your books that I've read, so I'll definitely be getting them.

Thanks for the update!
Yay! You knew that book 2 is out, yes?
When one hasn't been practicing guitar enough, one is prone to blister when one starts up again.

I feel so much better. I've been thinking about my guitar and you. And my poor out of shape fingers. June and July have also been crazy, we'll have to plan something semi-soon.

That would be fun.

I'm trying to learn to fingerpick and strum patters and man do I suck.