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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology beaker meep meep

Ahoy the paradigm shift!

Notaries public keep their books on computer now.


I solemnly swear. I had to have some paperwork notarized today; I took it to my bank, and they did the little business with the stamp and seal and then entered it on a computer.


Also, fresh heirloom tomatoes OMGWTFBBQ.
Farmer's market. Summer. They had these husk tomatoes smaller than a marble that taste like salt water taffy, I swear, and there were these things called spoon tomatoes which are, no lie, smaller than blueberries.

That's funny...yesterday my bf and I went to the bank to get some paperwork notarised, and they did the little business with the stamp and seal....and we signed our names in the black book, same ol' same ol'.

And he had a computer sitting right there.

So not everybody seems to have leapt forward.

Of course don't get *me* started on Notary Publics, we have a love-hate relationship with them in my department at the Federal Reserve. ;)

Have you seen Speculative Fiction Authors Considered As High School Students?
The new freshmen tend to stay together when they first arrive, no matter what group they might better fit with. Toby Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, and Jay Lake are among our freshman crowd, as is the aforementioned John Scalzi.
Yeah. Several people on my flist have linked it. I'm not sure what the point was, though, other than a list of names and subgenres.
Mainly that it entertained me, and gave me the chance to make some jokes about e.g. "Hopkinson, Butler, Delany, Barnes". I've had a couple of emails from people saying, "I hadn't heard of ; I'll have to check them out," so in that sense I consider the thing a success.
Fair enough. *g*