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bear by san

March 2017



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writing rengeek magpie mind

he said my god they're going to bomb us from their vicious flying llamas

via stillsostrange:

Coffee drinkin', sofa-sittin', dog-snugglin' hippo.


Isn't she great? I particularly love the fact that she can open the door to the house and go in to beg for a snack. And she gets a before-bedtime massage! I want to be a hippo so I can have a before-bedtime massage.
She's giving the Presumptuous Cat ideas.

I have nothing to add, I wanted to say that bomb us/llamas is a particularly egregious rhyme.

You may blame Boiled In Lead. It's from "Army (Dream Song)".
Which is a kick-ass song.

I just wish my dreams were that sedate, and rational.


"and the quartermaster said, son, your socks are awful red."

It is my favorite BiL Song.

I almost never remember my dreams, for values of almost never meaning, I blog them whenever I do, and I think I have blogged one or maybe two since I started this journal in 2003.

Re: "and the quartermaster said, son, your socks are awful red."

I first heard in in concert, before "Orb" came out; From the Ladle to the Grave" was the most recent album.

It was a hell of a show, and we all retired to Willem's place to eat, drink, schmoose and, sort of jam (Todd went off with the Limo driver, can's say as I blame him, I'd have gone off with her too).

Adnan did rythmns on the staircase and I went out with someone and we bought chunky monkey, cherry garcia and coffee for breakfast.

I think Micro-organism is my favorite, but I really do like the dream song, though that may be avocational.


Re: "and the quartermaster said, son, your socks are awful red."

that sounds like a thoroughly awesome night.

At the end, when Jessica's all cuddled up under her blanket, post-bedtime massage, with a dog snuggled up beside her, I think my brain's joy circuits were overloaded or something.

((makes incoherent noises of delight))
Hee. There is a lot of squee.
Forget werewolves, I want to be a werehippo! A merry, beautiful, coffee-drinking hippo who spends her time at leisure in the water, and gets nightly massages, not to mention free snacks.
There's lots of room for him
In our two-car garage
I'll feed him there and wash him there
And give him his massage!
So adorable...
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
Don't want no doll
No dinky Tinkertoy
I want a hippo
to play with and enjoy...

Forget the rest and too tired to Google the lyrics... :)