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i apologize for my strengths.

It's all beatriceeagle's fault, like so many things in my life. We got to talking about television last night, and I was singing the praises of (brilliant, flawed, erratic, unpredictable, schizophrenic) Farscape (1999) to her.

Which means, of course, that I will be watching them again, as I've meant to do for a while, because somebody has to keep her company. (The hardship!) I've seen nearly the entire series, with a few episodes off for good behavior, but I watched it as it aired, so my memory is a bit foggy. Of course, the DVDs are barely available and cost both legs and an arm, stealing it off the internets is naughty and anyway takes too long, Netflix doesn't have the first season, and it's been off the air since 20034. What's a girl to do?

TV Links!


So you're not going to get in-depth reactions like I do for Criminal Minds, because while Farscape is crack, it's a different kind of crack But I thought it would be fun to write down what I'm seeing as I'm watching it, because man, it's been a long time.

Go ahead and spoil me, I know how it ends. But you might want to mark those comment threads "Spoiler" for people who haven't seen the whole thing already.

These are likely to be somewhat flip, but it's a flipness founded in loooove.

In which John falls halfway across the galaxy, promptly causes a fatal accident by piloting his spacecraft into oncoming traffic, and gets tossed around by a girl half his size and a Luxan twice as big. Also, Crais chews scenery but is smarter than he looks on the actual planet--so he actually DOES catch Aeryn and John making lovey eyes at each other--Rygel bargains ineffectively, and Zhaan and D'Argo flirt.

Did they ever get their irridescent fluid? I'm not sure, but the ship works now, so maybe Rygel had it under his toga. Did John ever get Yuri Gagarin's puzzle ring back? I didn't see it, and I don't recall if he got it back in a later episode, but I'm pretty sure it makes further appearances.

Not much Pilot in this one, though John does refer to him as "the transparent blue guy."

Farts: 1 (Rygel)
Bodily fluids: Vomit (Rygel)
Random muppets: 1 (Beetly guy on the commerce planet.)
Worldbuilding weirdness: if Peacekeepers have no family relationships, how come Crais is so hung up on his brother? Maybe there's something a little unsavory going on here?
Deaths of named characters: Crais, Nofirstinitial
Moments of sheer love: The rings welded around D'Argo's collarbones, D'Argo's original painful makeup, nekked Zhaan, Aeryn with the joystick, and an unsettling flash of the Man John Crichton Will Become, as he hunkers down on Moya's floor with a bic pen and starts writing on the linoleum.

A little stiff and rocky in the beginning, what with the expositin' and all. John is so cute and widdle and sane in this one, and no leather pants. It picks up once he gets on board Moya, and just put your fingers in your ears through the sciency bits. La La La.

Zhaan, how I miss you already.

And now, I have to eat something and get ready to go to the gym. More later, maybe.

(For those of you reading the tags, that's "rape" in the "rape of the lock" sense.)
Tags: rape of john crichton

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