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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape leather

My plans suck. People die. It's always a mess.

1x02, "Exodus from Genesis" (26 March 1999)

In which Moya and her crew hide from a Peacekeeper scout ship, Rygel paints a self-portrait and Zhaan improves it, Zhaan comforts Crichton, and Aeryn gets hoooot. Moya is infested with space roaches, Pilot and D'Argo squabble, and identity confusion is the order of the day. Pilot opens the ship to space. D'Argo is the only one who isn't hot--although Zhaan may disagree--and D'Argo is in the rare position of talking some sense into John. Peacekeepers have Australian accents! Drink!

This one actually hangs together well, and I love John's solution to the paired problems.

Also, full of love for everybody quarreling and touch and firming into a gestalt.

Bodily fluids: blood (Aeryn), space cockroach ichor, space-cockroach-ichor vomit (!Zhaan)
Random muppets: Many, many space-cockroaches.
Worldbuilding weirdness: We can't outrun a command carrier? Since when!
Deaths of named characters:
Moments of sheer joy: "Never swallow the dentic;" John's pet DRD; "Oh, we call them linebackers. Or serial killers. Depends on whether they're professional or amateur;" "Another reasons Sebaceans hate his world;" D'Argo cuts Moya, the DRD cuts D'Argo; !Zhaan beating up John; !Aeryn beating up John; D'Argo and John bonding over Rygel abuse; "That is a compliment;" John meets himself coming and going for the first time of n; "That's why Eddie Marx kicked your ass in the seventh grade!" "My body has functions!" "A friend would do this for me. Family would do it swiftly." "Do it." Oh, my love for Aeryn knows no bounds.

"Time and patience? Is that your answer to everything?"

Oh, Zhaan.


Hee. Did you see the watch-it-on-the-internets link?

You will need real books for Kit. The internet will avail you not.

Try the Park Honan.
cor blimey. That's a name I haven't heard in a while. He was one of my first year lecturers at university.

And so worlds collide . . .
He writes absolutely brilliant biographoes of rennaisance poets in his spare time.

I sent him fan mail once and confused him. *g*
God I love Farscape.

I only have the first season on DVD, and this is making me want to borrow the rest from a friend and finally watch the entire thing.

Leathery goodness.
Throne for a Loss
....stop looking at me.......*dies*
The best part of your recaps is that I find myself thinking, "John argues with himself...hm, no, that doesn't really narrow down the episode list enough for me. He argues with a corporeal himself? ...no, still doesn't really tell me which episode."
Aw, see, I can go for weeks or months at a time not actively missing that show.

You know, I'm phobic. If anyone had told me that any visual medium, however enjoyable could ever get me to watch something full of roaches, I would have laughed in their face, turned slightly green, and changed the subject quickly.

And yet!

:: huge sigh ::

Need to own this show. Right now, I sort of suck at watching things in a big way, but I still need to own it.

I'd use a Farscape icon, but the only one I have is for when I'm really pissed off. And I don't even have an icon for wistful geeky love.
Hee. I will use my geeky love icon, then, for your sake.
welcome. *g*

I love my dead, leather-laden show!
It's the truth.

God, I love it so.

(Though on my set of DVDs Exodus from Genesis is actually labelled as 1x04, which makes nearly no sense.)
I think they aired in a different order in the UK.
You're probably right.

...You do know you're evil, right? I have no time this week to rewatch three seasons of 22 episodes each, but now I really want to.

Farscape: possibly the most kickass cast of characters ever seen on TV. I have all the love in the world for Aeryn and Zhaan. :)
four seasons. even worse.
I like to pretend the second half of season four doesn't exist.
Apparently they were filmed out-of-sequence, and aired as filmed in the US, so they weren't quite in the right order in US broadcast. The 'correct' sequence has "I, E.T." as episode 2, but I can't help thinking any delay to viewing that one would be a good thing....
It's not quite as brilliant as most of the rest of the season, no.
Great recaps, but stop distracting me! Don't you take breaks? I'm supposed to be watching Buffy5/Angel2 and you're not helping.

Btw, "John meets himself coming and going for the first time of n" made me laugh and then I remembered the one where [deleted for MAJOR spoileriness] and now I'm sad. :(

The third season opening narration? Devastating, in retrospect.

Just like Zhaaaaaan.

You might as well give up on the Buffy and Angel at this point. It's all over but the slow agonizing death by then. *g*
I have now watched six episodes. (I didn't watch I, E.T. because it doesn't seem to exist on the Internet in English. Maybe someday, when I speak Spanish better...)
How's it working out for you?

I'm behind because I'm writing fanfic.
It's working out. Eight episodes in and he's losing his mind already. Also, now that I've discovered the secret to making my computer work, it doesn't take two hours to load each episode.

And fanfic is definitely worth being behind for. XD
Hee. I am having fun anyway.