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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu illya bitch please _ truepenny

just last night i was reminded of just how bad it had gotten and just how sick i had become

Toby should not have to make this post.

Prove his heritage? Good lord.

You know, I talk about being Swedish and Ukrainian here all the time, and nobody's yet emailed me to suggest I "prove" my heritage.

I'm just going to go splutter helplessly in the corner now.

Queers, freaks, and people of color:


Or got their queer freaky people of color germs on your chair.


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I read that post earlier today. Gobsmacked me completely and totally. Yeah, I'm a white girl with suspicions of faint color, but I would never ever have thought to challenge *anyone* on their heritage. For one thing, I've known mixed-race families with one very dark kid and one very light kid, enough to just go "hey. whatever." For another--what the heck difference does it make? You have people of vaguely British Isles ancestry who'll fight you to the death if you challenge the spurious Irish heritage they claim (and don't get me started on the DAR, okay?).

It shouldn't be any big, freakin' deal.


Freakin' disgusting. As bad as some racist jerks I know who claim that they're claiming minority status because they *don't* have to freakin' prove it. That ticks me off as well.
I read that, and I just kept thinking, how do you prove that your parents are your parents to the satisfaction of some loon on the internet? If you happen to strongly resemble one or both, well and good. But beyond that, what's going to convince some nutbar who has decided that you aren't _____ enough? Toby was way more gracious than I would have been; I would have been tempted to suggest that whether they thought it was brown enough or not, they were still cordially invited to kiss my ass.

Man, one thing the internet is good for. It reminds you the bigots are still out there doing their bigoty things, and it's not time to put your feet up and have a latte just yet.
Blew me away that he had to make that post.

Of him specifically, I've never thought of his contributions to SF as anything but wonderful, and deeply value his perspective. I'm sorely disappointed that someone actually thinks he's trying to score points or some shit like that. It honestly never occurred to many that anyone would question him like that.

Yeah. I mean, I just....

Oh, for fuck's sake.

*runs around touching things*
You don't know this, but on your parent's marriage license they listed race as "human".. the lady said she had never met people who made an issue of that before..

Fuckin' hippies..

I'll post a little tidbit i found in the black slaveowners' book on my blog..

someday soon they are going to have to give up on this race crap, and just list "skin color" like they list "eye color" you could have little chips.. Identification only... and that will last until they get the Niven/Vance skin toners.
I've been planning on turning my skin all sorts of colours the instant I could. I thought blue was an attractive option. Maybe a nice solid indigo. Or maybe a giraffe pattern. I admit I occasionally wonder what the skin-colour-obsessed bigots would make of that.

Frikkin' weird that somebody prodded Toby to prove his heritage.

(Of course, this reminds me also of Carrot from the Discworld books. He identifies as "dwarf". He may be six feet tall but he can sing songs about gold with the best of them. And he really knows his battle bread.)
In Henry Jenkins' ongoing blog conversations with fandom experts, he's got someone who's studied MUNCLE fandom

She's st_crispins on lj, and avery well known fan.
You know, a lot of bigotry just makes me sad and mad. This widespread failure to grasp anything to do with the existence of people who have more than one ethnic or racial heritage just baffles the shit out of me.

I maintain the graduate student database in our department. I didn't create the database, I inherited it. One of the many fields is for race. It has four (4) options: W, B, H, and A. And you can only choose one.

This has made me see red. We can't just eliminate the category, because periodically people come through and say things like, "In the past ten years, how many Black students have you admitted to the Ph.D. program as opposed to the Masters program? And what are the relative rates of completion in both?" and it's good for us to be able to answer things like that.


I do not know how to divide the world up into four races. I just don't. And neither do our students, who resist answering such questions, and who can blame them? This fall, we're getting a Native American student. I don't have a category for her. I try to explain to my boss and other relevant people how very very bad this is, how impossible it is to get any useful information from a set-up like this, and they stare at me blankly. I remind them that people exist who have more than one racial heritage, like for instance my first girlfriend. They say vaguely that they'd never really thought about that. I point out that the idea of what constitutes a race changes over relatively short spans of time. They look as though I am speaking some language the department does not teach.

And what really gets me? Is that pretty much every single one of the people I'm trying to explain this to is Jewish.
...Since Cherokee citizenship doesn't depend on blood quantum but on your ability to trace back to the Dawes census rolls, you might BE Cherokee - for what it's worth.
Wow. Just wow. This is a side of the issue I'd never thought of before.

Okay, personal story time. I live in the South and go to a Christian private school. In the South (yes, it's important to the story). So one day, a girl (white, like everyone at the school) mentions how hot some black rapper is (50 cent, maybe?). And people start freaking out. Interracial relationships are wrong. It's in the Bible. The yokes, people, the yokes! Yes, kids in the new millenium were arguing against interracial marriage or dating.

Imagine their surprise when I (the kind of white kid that is always either a slightly unhealthy pale or red as a lobster) turns around and lets them know that I'm part black. Yeah, that shut a lot of them up really quickly. Except for one boy, who doesn't believe me. A friend of mine laughs at him and confirms that yes, I'm really part black. And here's the kicker: he says "I don't blame you."

Thanks so fucking much, you racist piece of scum. I sleep better knowing you think I'm some kind of victim of circumstances. Really.

I'll never understand some people.

You know, I just... I look at stuff like this and all I can think is, some people don't teach their children any manners.

You know, like everyone else, I read this and thought, WTF???

In addition to being outraged by demands that Mr. Buckell PROVE his ethnicity, though, I thought his post was eloquent and interesting regarding how and why he identifies the way he does. All of those sorts of discussions interest me. Here's why:

First, Me: I'm adopted (near birth), by Polish-Ukrainian Catholics. Per the nuns, I'm ostensibly Irish, with a bit of Scottish and maybe some Swedish on one side. I'm dark-haired, blue-eyed, and very fair. I freckle, but not a lot, in the sun, and I burn in the shade.

Second, Rockgod my ex-husband: Maternally, Greek, Turkish, and Egyptian; Paternally, mostly German, some Irish, some Cherokee, and maybe a half dozen other ethnicities in percentages. Maternal bred true: he's swarthy, dark, Greek, and tans well. Kinky curly dark hair.

Finally, Puppy, mi hijo favorito and fruit of my loins: spitting image of BOTH of us. Father's forehead, jawline, build, and eyes. My fair skin (except he tans, easily), fine features, cheek bones, hair and big toothy grin.

WHAT ARE WE? How do we know? Where do I get off checking "caucasion"? I do so only because I'm effectively translucent. Why doesn't Puppy check "other"? He's Caucasion, African (Egyptian), and Native American. But you know, if you ask him, he says "Irish and Greek." I could have a baby with some blond, blue-eyed Nordic guy next year and the Baby could be brown as Obama. We don't know. We don't identify with ANY particular ethnicity. How could we??? We Don't Know.

Someday probably I'll try to find my birth parents just, if anything, to nail down this Irish thing. But you know what? Nobody, like Bear said above, tries to third-degree Puppy to find out why his pale white ass checked "WHITE" on the enrollment forms. Ha! Mother f**kers. PUPPY IS AFRICAN, along with all sorts of other things y'all don't like. Whatchya gonna do about our brown cooties now???? We were wiping 'em all over you and you didn't even know it.
Start licking door handles.

That'll fix 'em.
Well, people appear to have demanded proof of the man because they think it's cool to be mixed-race. I can only assume that Ukranian is so not cool that nobody questions you on that count?

It shouldn't be an issue. Although with one too many faked memoirs, and faked celebrity identities like JT Leroy, I can see why it's becoming one. And those morons in the "cultural appropriation is teh EBIL" camp have picked it up and run with it, I'm sure.
*headdesks. repeatedly*

I am a Person of Color. My color happens to be Peachy-Beige.
(trying to type my eth is a lost cause -- if it rode through the Great Steppe at any point in the past hundred-plus years, it's in my genes. And that's before anyone got to the great stew pot of turn-of-the-century Boston...)
I must warn you. I have solid knowledge that the eBear is actually 1/4 redneck. And 1/4 Cossack. Although she won't admit to the redneck part. It is too shameful for words.


You have been warned.
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