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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

the eagle has landed

The CEM* for Dust just arrived, via my friendly neighborgood FedEx guy.

Guess what I'm doing today?

Ahhh, the glamourous life of the writer-unit.

112 miles to Mordor, and the two songs nobody got were June Millington, "I'll Keep Holding On," and Doctor John, "St. James Infirmary."

*copy-edited manuscript


I loved her to death when I was about twelve years old, and saw her live a couple of times. My copy of Heartsong is probably unplayable now, and the ripped-to-MP3 versions are very very bad.

But my fondness is too enormous.

"Coconut Mentality" and "Rosarita" were the real standouts, for me.
How could we not have got St. James Infirmary? I know I rushed through the list in a hurry, but even so...

*is embarrassed*
*must try harder*
Hee. Well, I picked a pretty well-concealed bit of the song, but still...
Ah, June Millington. I had the great pleasure of meeting her last year ... wonderful, beautiful, kickass woman. She runs the Institute For Musical Arts up in western Massachusetts now, among whose programs are the Rock-n-Roll Camp For Girls. Cool stuff.
112 miles to Mordor

when you post the mileage, I get this little bit of music like a version of 99 bottles of beer on the wall.. its a hoot ..
Hee. It's actually Rivendell, too. I was obviously indulging in some subconscious wishful thinking.
I would think the bars in Mordor would be more interesting thant the ones in Rivendell.
(waves with recognition)

CEM for Night of Knives arrived yesterday. And my the copyeditor has replaced every use of like in a simile with as if.

Still, bitch as I might, I sure wouldn't wanna do the copyediting myself.
*patiently restores the subjunctive mood, in solidarity*
Oh, June Millington!! She's great. I'm a big fan of her old band Fanny...