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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

he's coming this way. and he's carrying a guitar.

Today, I learned the strum pattern and chord progression for "Free Bird."

Run for your lives.

I also learned that I need bigger fucking hands.


*holds up obligatory lighter while you play*
Do you know, I never heard the original Freebird until *after* I'd regularly heard a cover performed by a couple of Wisconsin lads who worked in the same pub as me, and who would do it just with semi-acoustic guitar, bass and the singer's rather good "white blues" voice?

I had no idea it was a pinnacle of pretentious cock rock. I just thought it was nice.

*is sad it has been tainted by its true origins*


Bigger hands? I know exactly how you feel. My hands were always too small for my guitars. Even now, on my Ovation, which has a relatively narrow neck, I still have trouble. Sympathies.
I think I need David McCallum's hands.
My small hands is why I gave it up. I was trying so hard (this is, of course, a decade or so ago) because I wanted to be a hot bass player and get lots of play. ;)

Puppy is playing all of the time now and since his paws are already bigger than mine he is doing better. But he's frustrated too.
I'm sure people have probably asked you this before, but have you had a chance to play Guitar Hero?

Why would I want to?

narrower Neck and frets

Guild makes a nice narrow neck. Martin has a wide neck. I'm barely able to bar F#m for all six strings. Having big hands does NOT mean being able to get fingers to do what needs doing (sigh).

Re: narrower Neck and frets

Different guitar is not an option. *g*
In the '70s, when I was learning guitar (I haven't played in a while -- I've lost my callouses!), I thought I needed larger hands. Then I saw Janis Ian live. Tiny hands. Wow.
And she's a guitar god.
I never understood why everyone was cheering when they said, "if I leave here tomorrow."
Today, I learned the strum pattern and chord progression for "Free Bird."

You are on your way to greatness.
Oddly, I also just figured out that "Stairway to Heaven" is just "House of the Rising Sun" with a random G sharp.

I may actually be learning something.

it's not really how to play guitar, but it's something!
"Play 'Free Bird'!"