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December 2021



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stand up and fight sometimes we get the fright sometimes how will we ever pay the price this time?

As if this weren't bad enough....

I have seen the face of my destroyer. And it is chocolatey goodness.

The delicacy of my brownie-sensing apparatus is reknowned in several states.

(Doubly appropriate, as I'm pretty sure the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Michelin Tire Man are close relatives of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.)


Oh my goodness. All I can think of is badly I want to put those two items together in the same pan.
Oh, who needs sex when there are cheesecake brownies?
Dinner and a date, all rolled up in one.
The cheesecake filling isn't very good. Too thin, no flavour, the sort of artificial-thickening texture you'd expect.

And brownies... well, you know my standards for brownies.

Still, those could be deadly things to have in the house, late at night. They might attack you. You'll have to destroy them first.
Well, that's sad (about the cheesecake filling).

Alas, I think your brownies, while delicious, have way too much stuff in them for me. The only adulterants permissable for brownies to meet my approval are walnuts or pecans.

And that's pushing it.

Frosting is right out.

Really, they should be much like warm chewy globs of chewy warm bittersweet chocolateness.
Well the frosting is optional, although I've grown quite fond of the ganache.

Oddly enough, nuts are one of the things I've never put in. Just not terribly fond it them.

Do you have a feel for what countries even have brownies? I was surprised to find that my Australian relatives had no idea what they were.

As far as I know, Nature's Perfect Food is a strictly North American invention.

Man, am I Glad I was born here.
Okay, so what's the eyeball equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears, and going: "lalalalalalala I'm not listening lalalalala" ?

This is....dangerous knowledge.
some things, you cannot un-know.
Curse me for my inability to resist clicking on tempting links!

Evil Temptress

Because now I want to bake brownies, and it is way to hot to run the oven. Though...
But my favorite part of making brownies is licking the bowl!
No, no. This is ALL licking the bowl.
Aha! Now I see your cunning plan...
mmm. brownie batter....
Oh my head! What an evil invention, I must attempt to foil their plans of world domination one package at a time. (

Although, re: Nature's perfect food (brownies) If you're ever on the East Coast, in the vicinity of York Maine, there's a restaurant on Route 1, Pie in the Sky Bakery, they make the best brownies in all of creation. They might even be THE definitive proof of a benevolent diety that permits such a thing to exist. Not that they're good or anything.)
Forgot to add, "We see the fish below the ice sometimes"
My plan is to cut it into eighths and freeze it. *g* Thus, a constat supply of fresh-baked brownies for the single girl, without that alone-with-a-panful-of-brownies problem....

Mmm. Brownies.
Ew ew ew. I find their ready-made cookie dough to be too sweet, and I bet the brownie batter is no different. Try this recipe:
My wife, obsessivewoman, cannot taste chocolate at low concentrations. Milk chocolate just tastes like wax to her. She likes dark chocolate; one of her favorites is Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies. Initially, we were planning on having those at our wedding, without even a nod to a proper cake, but my mother (horrified) told my grandmother (even more horrified) and they insisted on subsidizing one.

I also prefer my brownies unadulterated. Embedding chocolate chips in them is OK (especially because they melt and just blur into the rest of the brownie during the baking process), but other than that, forget it.

Banana split brownie pizza!

You WOULD have the proper icon.
Well, I can't rival your collection, but I can cover my own abiding themes, yes.

I was resisting the chocolate urge (well, mostly) but then I saw this...

So then I went shopping and discovered that the supermarket now has most of the Green & Black's range of bars.

And now we can get it online, too, so I'm done for.

It's all your fault!
Whole Paycheck around here has not only Green & Black's (Mayan Gold! oooo!) but also Lake Champlain chocolates. droooooooooool.
I bought myself a bar of Maya Gold this morning.


The others are for later. Much later. Really.