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bear by san

March 2017



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iggy pop amazing abdomen

grr. argh.

Via warrenellis.com, The Living Dead Girlz.

So not worksafe. Unless your workplace is all for zombie strippers shaking it in briefs that say BRAINS across the ass.


Heh. In the small-world department, I camped with a couple of those girls at Burning Man 2005.
Dude. THAT? Is performance art.
That's wrongest.

I approve.
Master Ellis is the source of MUCH of the wrong in my life.

at last... :)

I was waiting for someone to go one better than the Pussycat Dolls or the Suicide Girls...

All they need now is a venue that looks like the inside of the Titty Twister from From Dusk Till Dawn, and it's fried gold. :)

What do we want? Brains!

Oh my.

That did my zombie-loving heart good.

The briefs should say BRAAIINS, though.
Hee! I recognize that! That was Creepshow Peepshow at the DNA Lounge! It was twice as fun (and three times as messy) in person :D
I thought of you -- or rather, that icon -- today while reading Slate (scroll down to Lollapalooza review). Rolling Stone on Iggy Pop's show: "'Pop might be sixty years old but he's still pure animal, a sinewy banshee of a frontman better than a majority of artists two-thirds his age.'" :D
He spins a little slower these days, but that just means you can keep a visual bead on him 75% of the time....
now that's cool!
I heart you.

Not a beating heart, mind you, but still, I heart you.
I only steal from the best.
I love that!!! Thanks.